Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 299

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 299 – John was without a word.

As mentioned by Serenity, the Hunts would never have yielded unless the matter was so bad that it hurt their financial interest. They had not given in
completely either. The Hunt often got on Serenity‘s nerves every time they went to her shop.

ILL It was like Mr. Ziegler said; they complicated a simple thing and were nowhere near resolving the issue.
“How did Serenity come to know Ms. Stone? What love guru was she talking about?”

John pursed his lips and replied, “Ms. Stone is crazy for Mr. York. I guess Serenity is teaching her how to woo Mr. York. Serenity will get it once Mr. York
finds out she had been giving ideas to Ms. Stone.” “I mean how did they know each other?

By right, Serenity wouldn‘t cross paths with an heiress like Ms. Stone.” Mike was envious that Serenity rubbed shoulders with Ms. Stone and got Ms.
Stone to have her back. Elisa might not be working at Stone Group, but she was still the heiress of the Stones.

This title carried weight. Her brother was one of the best CEOs in Wilt spoon. “Who knows how they met? I suddenly thought of an idea to deal
with Serenity. It’ll ruin her relationship with Ms. Stone.” Quick to catch on, Mike said, “Are you going to squeal on Serenity to Mr. York?

But how are you going to meet the big IN man? I heard you must make an advance appointment to see him, and you might not even get one. The appointment is filtered and reviewed before itreaches Mr. York.

“I also heard that many employees of York Corporation have not met Mr. York despite working there for many years.” The heir of the wealthiest York family was a godlike presence to ordinary businessmen like them.

While they had heard rumors about the man, there was no way they could meet Mr. York in person. If Mike had the opportunity to see Mr. York, he was willing to get down on his knees to get into Mr. York‘s good graces. “I can‘t meet the man himself, but I have other ways to let him know about it.

Ms. Stone would wait in front of York Corporation every day just for a chance to see Mr. York. I believe he is annoyed by Ms. Stone. I can use that to my
advantage… “Even if Mr. York still refuses to see me, I‘ll write an anonymous letter.

I‘m sure he‘d make some time to glance through since he could get rid of a nuisance. “Do you think Mr. York would spare Serenity for giving ideas to Ms.
Stone in courting him? We won‘t even need to do anything while Mr. York forced Serenity and Liberty out of the city.

They would not be able to show their faces around Wilt spoon.” After much thought, Mike said, “You can try. Serenity‘s acting tough because
Ms. Stone stands up for her.” Serenity was in the dark about the Hunt boys‘ discussion to use Mr. York against her.

1 She thanked Elisa and responded, “Thank you for sticking up for me, Ms. Stone.” Elisa replied unconcernedly, “It‘s no big deal. We‘re friends. Don‘t be a
stranger. I‘ve got you covered. That‘s what he gets for threatening my people. He wouldn‘t learn unless I taught him a lesson.

“Serenity, don‘t reconcile with them. They‘re a nasty piece of work. They‘ll never see the error of their ways. Even I can‘t beat them.”
It appeared Ms. Stone had an inkling of her reputation. Jasmine agreed with Elisa. Her mind had been blown a lot lately.

She had seen too many examples of the worst kind of people. Serenity‘s relatives and Hank‘s family were something else. LE
“I won‘t make peace with them unless they issue a public apology.” Serenity stuck to her guns.

Since they tarnished her and her sister‘s name on the internet, she expected a public apology online in return. Otherwise, there was no deal on the reconciliation. It would not take long for another falling out to happen even if she patched things up with the relatives.

Serenity intended to take the relatives to court to repossess her parents’ home after the thing with Liberty was over.

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