Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 298

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 298 – John even picked up the scattered basket and fruits that were tossed out by Elisa.

A fruit basket cost a couple of hundred bucks. The Hunts would rather eat the fruits than give them to Serenity.
As if Serenity cared. It was not like she never ate fruits before. John took a ride in Mike‘s car to get to Serenity‘s shop.

He got into the car and called his boss, Mr. Ziegler, right away. John wanted to explain to Mr. Ziegler about the earlier incident.
Unfortunately, Mr. Ziegler had already received notice from the headquarters. Before John could finish talking,

Mr. Ziegel expressed his regret. “John, the dispute between you and your cousins is simple and easily resolvable.
You could‘ve apologized with earnestness and issued a public apology online.

Not only will your cousins forgive you, but the online community will also let the thing go since you‘re willing to admit fault and change for the better.
“But what did you do? You‘ve been on suspension for a while, but you couldn‘t even take care of the matter. Things have only gotten ugly.

You angered Ms. Stone and disappointed the headquarters. Arrange for a time to do your handover at the office. I‘d suggest you refrain from looking for a job for now. Ms. Stone would make it hard for you to get a job in the city.” “Mr. Ziegler… Mr. Ziegler… I…” Mr. Ziegler had hung up on him.

Furious, John was tempted to smash the phone. How was he supposed to know that Serenity and Elisa were good friends?
It never crossed his mind that Elisa would overhear his threats. Behind the wheel, Mike asked his cousin,

“Do yo reckon there‘s a way out of this?” “I‘m told to return to the office for a handover. Mr. Ziegler suggests that I don‘t
look for a job for now. Ms. Stone will be out to get me.” John was bitter. Mike was livid too.

Ms. Stone was totally unreasonable. She had the nerve to accuse them of shamelessness when she was no better than them.
She thought little of them just because she was born into a good family. A while later, John uttered resentfully,

“Since they kicked me out of the company, I‘m going to apply for a job with their competitor. It‘ll be a piece of cake to join York Corporation. Stone Group should not blame me for going against them. LL “An eye for an eye. Do they think I can‘t live without Stone Group?”

Big companies loved to acquire talent from their rival companies to get a competitive advantage. John was a talent from Stone Group, so he trusted
York Corporation would welcome him to the team. Once he found his two feet and climbed up the corporate ladder,

John would have the chance to shoot Elisa down in Mr. York‘s presence. Elisa could forget marrying into the York family.
The unreasonable woman did not deserve the heir of the York and icon of the business world.

“Mike, we shouldn‘t bother apologizing to Serenity. That brat won‘t let us off the hook. She‘s trying to get us to apologize publicly on Twitter. Well, dream
on!” John said wickedly, “I‘ll drive a wedge between her and her husband, and destroy her marriage once I get into York Corporation.

I want Serenity and her sister to suffer and regret what she did to me today.”He heard that Serenity‘s husband was working at York Corporation. John
would have many opportunities to befriend her husband when they became colleagues. It would be easy to set the couple at odds.

Mike replied, “Did you think I wanted to come? We’re suffering dire consequences here. My friends in the city have cut ties with me over it.
I‘ve spent years building networks, but I lost them in a second. It‘s been hard on my business.

Who would want to apologize if not to protect our financial interests?”

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