Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 297

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 297 – On the other end of the line, Clive was left overwhelmed by his dear sister.

He asked helplessly, “What did John do to you?” “Serenity is my friend and love guru. He‘s out to get my love guru, threatening to bring down Serenity‘s
business and closing her online business by giving her bad ratings. That‘s having it in for me.

“Don‘t you think what his family has done is inhumane? People will criticize us if Stone Group retains such a person at a managerial level. You might
think you know some people, but you‘ll never know their true nature. Looks can be deceiving.”

Clive had no words. He was rendered speechless by his sister‘s unruliness. The managing director of Aron PCB had reported to headquarters, verifying
John‘s talent. John started off with a minor role at Aron PCB and climbed his way up to deputy managing director.

The managing director did not want to lose his right–hand man over a family dispute. Hence, he suspended John at the
height of the scandal instead of firing him. John turned as white as a sheet while listening in on Elisa‘s phone conversation.

He had finally figured out that Elisa was the force behind Serenity, not Jasmine. John knew it. Jasmine‘s family only found wealth from the property boom and did not carry much authority. There was no way Jasmine could mess the Hunts up. It made a lot more sense that it had been Elisa all along.

The Stone Group granted Elisa the status and power to destroy the Hunts. “Ms. Stone…” “Shut up. I don‘t want to hear a word from you, you cruel man. Your family made their fortune through the life insurance of Serenity‘s parents. Yet, you picked on Serenity and her sister.

Aren‘t you afraid that Serenity‘s parents willhaunt you?” Elisa earned herself a bad rap among the upper society of Wiltspoon because of her unreasonable attitude. Nevertheless, she was not mean in nature. Even if she did not befriend Serenity,

Elisa would have had a problem with John and his family‘s misdeeds regardless. “Your call, Clive!” Clive replied helplessly, “Got it.
I‘ll speak with Mr. Ziegel to let John go. I won‘t employ him despite his talent since he got on my sister‘s nerves. Will that do?

Don‘t go banging your car into a tree. We‘d have to pay for the damaged green landscape if you do that.” Seeing that her threat worked on her brother, Elisa happily put down the phone and said to John, “I‘m putting this out there now. It‘s your fault if anything happens to Serenity‘s shop.

It‘s your doing if Serenity gets bad ratings for her online business. Don‘t blame me for what‘s to come. I‘ll see that you won‘t be able to survive with the most menial jobs.” The Hunt boys were lost for words. “Ms. Stone, we…” “Get lost! Not another word from you!”

With a grim look on her face, Elisa told the Hunts to leave. “Serenity, take the broom and throw them out if they refuse to leave. Don‘t
waste your manners on them.” She then picked up a fruit basket and hurled it out. It was to make room for her desserts.

Now that they found out who Elisa was, the Hunts dared not say a word. Pale in the face, John drew close to carry the two fruit baskets out.
The rest went to take the other fruit baskets away.

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