Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 296

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 296 – “Do you think you‘ll be better off if we all go down together when it comes down to it?

You‘ll lose your shop and your online business. We‘ll team up to give you a poor rating until you‘re forced to close your online business.”
“Serenity, who‘s threatening to close your online business? Who‘s threatening to give you bad ratings?”

Here to look for Serenity, Elisa got out of her car and caught John‘s arrogant threats before she even entered the shop. Elisa was not one with a good
temper, so she lost it. Did they not know that Serenity was her love guru? Anyone who had the guts to threaten her love guru was crossing her as well.

She would make these cocky and shameless people regret they were alive. Carrying the boxes of desserts from Beans and Cream, Elisa dangled her car
keys and lifted her chin high as she walked into the shop. Others may not know Elisa, but John held a senior position at one of Stone Group‘s branches.

He had seen Elisa a few times from afar during the company‘s annual conferences, so he remembered her face. With Elisa turning up at the shop,
color washed off John‘s face. John knew that he was suspended from duty not only because the netizens tagged the headquarters at the turn of events,

Alling for his termination as he was a shameless menace to his company. It was also because Elisa could not stand his tweet going viral and taking
attention away from the gossip about her and Zachary, which got on Elisa‘s nerves.

Everybody at York Corporation and Stone Group was aware that Elisa was crazy for Zachary and her rather public advances toward Zachary.
“M-Ms. Stone.” With a smile on his face, John came forth and sucked up to her like a lapdog. “What brings you here, Ms. Stone?”

Elisa looked askance at him. “Who are you? Beat it. Get out of the way!” John moved aside and gave way to Elisa. Still bearing smiles, he introduced
himself, “Ms. Stone, I‘m John Hunt, the deputy managing director of Aron PCB.” It then dawned on Elisa. “Oh, you‘re John.

Hold on. Aren‘t you fired? Why are you still the deputy managing director of Aron PCB? It explains your arrogance. I guess only the shameless would commit a shameless act.” LLL Elisa immediately whipped out her phone and called her brother.

She rantedthe moment her brother picked up the phone. “Clive, why are you retaining John Hunt, the deputy managing director of Stone Group‘s subsidiary company, Aron PCB? Fire him right now. “So what if he‘s highly capable? Can‘t we hire someone else who’s equally if not more capable?

Fire him now. I don‘t care if you have to pay him for the dismissal, just sack him. He has stepped on my toes. I‘m really, really angry right now.
I‘m going to drive the car into a tree or a wall if you don‘t get rid of him. You’ll have to buy me a new car if the car crashes.”

Everybody was at a loss for words. This was Serenity‘s firsthand experience of Elisa‘s willfulness. WILL It was a good thing Elisa would only crash into a tree or wall instead of innocent pedestrians when she was mad. Otherwise,

the feisty girl should never be provoked as the consequence would be deadly for many. Serenity was thinking about talking some sense into Elisa when their friendship grew and became solid. She was damaging her own car by driving it into a tree in a fit of rage.

What if she lost control of the car and hurt somebody in the process? It would be devastating.

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