Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 295

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 295 – John paused before asking Serenity,

“What do you want us to do, Serenity?” As the oldest of the bunch, Mike lectured Serenity,” Regardless of our spats
in the past, we‘re all one big family. Although your dad isn’t around anymore, he‘s still my uncle.

“Sure, it was our fault, but we have learned from our mistakes. You‘re the bigger person. Please find it in you to forgive us. We promise we won‘t ever
do that to you and your sister again.” Thanks to the power of the internet, it was easy and speedy to get a handle on certain matters.

However, it was also easy for the tables to turn and caused a backfire. Today, Mike could use the internet to intimidate his cousins,
but tomorrow, it would be his turn to face a public backlash.

People would find it hard to understand the humiliation of being a victim of cyberbullying, hate comments from netizens, and public criticism without
experiencing it themselves. Since Serenity tweeted a refute, the Hunts had the whole thing blow up in their faces. They either lost their jobs,

suffered great losses in their businesses, or faced cancellations on agreed deals. Furthermore, their names were tarnished.
The Hunts had gone through sleepless nights lately. Of course, they were mostly peeved and furious.

They were losing sleep, thinking of ways to get back at Serenity and Liberty. Serenity scoffed coldly. “I’m vile, spiteful, and petty. You did
what you did to put the bite on me and my sister. You couldn‘t get what you wanted and chose to yield because the tables had turned.

“Hang on. No. You‘re not yielding. You came to apologize today because the netizens are on your case, and it has been detrimental to your financial
interest. You‘re here today to protect your assets, not because you feel guilty for whatever you have done.”

Did they take her for a fool? Did they think she would not be able to see through their plans? The first time the Hunt boys came to make peace and wanted Serenity to visit Old Mrs. Hunt, they were going to take a video of the whole reconciliation so the world would know and move on.

The attention would no longer be on them. After Serenity rejected their peace offering, Noah threatened to smash her shop. Holding a grudge, Noah brought along hooligans to stop her in the middle of the road and get violent with her.

Serenity would have ended up inthe hospital if she had not practiced self–defense. Her uncles had kicked up a fuss because she called the cops to arrest Noah. Serenity did not believe that these no–good relatives had repented.

hey had the mindset that they were always right while Serenity was in the wrong. “Serenity, aren‘t we sincere enough?” As a senior executive of Stone Group‘s subsidiary company with an annual income of over a million bucks,

John became a stuck-up as he was often surrounded by flattery and brown–nosing from his employees. He did not have much patience either.

Pointing at the fruit baskets, he pulled a sour face and said, “ Can‘t you see how many fruit baskets we have given you? Do you know how much one
basket costs? You probably wouldn‘t spend that much on a fruit basket. “Yet, we gave you so many. How can you question our sincerity?

You‘re pushing your luck, Serenity. Is this the thanks we get? Don‘t think for a second that we can’t get to you. We‘re only trying to reconcile because your
dead father is our uncle, and we don‘t want Granddad and Grandma to be angry since they‘re not getting any younger.”

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