Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 293

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 293 – “What‘s on your mind?” Josh nosily asked Zachary.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Zachary replied faintly, “Not you, for sure.” Josh chuckled. “I‘d have to quit if you‘re thinking about me.
I want to get married and have children.” Zachary glared at him. “I should get back to work. You‘ve been overly efficient at work lately.

I‘m tired trying to keep up with you.” Josh finished his glass of water and got up. “I‘m glad that‘s finally over.” The employees had had it rough at work because Zachary was jealous, thinking something was going on between Serenity and Shawn.

It would only be worse for them if the couple had an even bigger argument one day. With that in mind, Josh prayed that the couple would always remain lovey–dovey. Well, they might not be in love now, but it was only a matter of time.

Zachary had developed feelings for Serenity, but he was stubborn and refused to admit to it. As his feelings for her grew deeper, he would lay bare
his heart to Serenity without anyone pointing it out to him. As for the six–month agreement… Hehe. Josh shall wait for the day his best–

friend–cum–boss rip the contract apart. With Josh gone, Zachary immediately phoned Sam to get a dog and two cats
to have them delivered to Brynfield. Zachary was going to send Jim there to receive the animals.

Jim would bring the pets over once Zachary got off work so the latter could then surprise his wife with the adorable pets.
No matter what, he must get his wife‘s number back on his phone. Leaving her son to her sister at the shop, Liberty set off to look for a job.

Today, she was going to accept whatever job she was offered. “Liberty, take my e–bike. You won‘t have to walk a lot.” Grabbing her car keys,
Jasmine went after Liberty. She wanted Liberty to ride her e–bike in her quest to find work. Jasmine stayed near the shop anyway.

It would not take her long to travel home by foot, so it was no big deal for Liberty to have the keys to her ride. “It’s fine. I should walk more.
It‘ll help with my weight loss.” Liberty turned down Jasmine‘s kind offer. She had made up her mind to shed the pounds.

Liberty had always assumed that she put on between thirty to forty pounds. It had been a long time since she stepped onto a scale,
and now she found out that she was over fifty pounds heavier than before she got married! That was a huge shock!

Liberty did not believe her sister when the latter said she weighed two hundred pounds in. Serenity was pretty accurate with her numbers.
She wanted to cover her face in shame. Jasmine smiled without saying any more.

Serenity carried her nephew out and gave her sister a few words of advice before seeing her sister off. Serenity mumbled under her breath,
“You can do it, Liberty!” “Don‘t worry. If Liberty doesn‘t find a job in the next two days, I‘ll tell my parents to hire her to collect rent.”

Serenity replied, “O Great Property Mogul, please take me under your wing.” “Those are my parents‘ properties, not mine. We‘re two birds of a feather.
Hang on. You should take me under your wing. You‘re on a double income,and you have a husband.

I only have one source of income to feed myself and leave my family just enough so they don‘t starve.” Serenity was amused by her best friend.
The pair turned on their heels and went back into the shop.

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