Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 290

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 290 – “Siren, starting tomorrow, you can just pick Sonny up while I‘m going to jog to your shop.

I want to lose weight!” Liberty was not getting fit to save her marriage. It was to present herself in a better light and find a better job in the future.
“Okay.” Serenity had told her sister to keep up with the exercise before the weight became out of control.

“Siren.” Liberty suddenly put her arms around her sister and cried. In fact, she bawled out loud. She was suffering inside. !
All the years she devoted to the relationship had come to this. Liberty would be lying to say it was not eating her up inside.

She could only put on a brave face so her son did not see her cry. Holding her sister tightly, Serenity could not stop the tears in her eyes too.
A It was like fifteen years ago when she first heard her parents‘ passing in an accident. Liberty went to fetch her from school to bring her home.

Serenity had only walked out of the school gate when her sister held her and burst into tears. Serenity had no idea what was going in then.
Her sister said that their parents were no more. Serenity‘s mind went black, and then the world started spinning.

By the time she came to, Serenity was staring at her sister‘s tearful face. She slid her hand across her face only to find that she was in tears just like her sister. “Liberty.” Serenity embraced her sister and choked in between sobs. “Let it out, Liberty. You‘ll feel better after letting it all out.”

It was not easy for the sisters to get where they were today. They thought they could finally live a stable life, but God had other plans for Liberty.
“How can he do that to me? We‘ve known each other for twelve years and in love for ten. He used to be so good to me.

He had been there during our darkest moments, encouraging me and supporting me. He told me that he would always have my back.
“He has already forgotten about his vows just three years into the marriage. Is it my fault because I didn‘t take care of myself,

forsake myself after giving birth, and have no common ground to talk about after quitting my job?” “It‘s not your fault, Liberty. Don‘t put all the blame on yourself. It‘s not your fault.” Serenity consoled her sister, “It‘s his fault. Now that he has money, he‘sstarted lo oking for other women.

That‘s what many men would do. Men go astray when they have money in their pockets. It‘s not your fault, Liberty.
If you insist that you‘re to blame, the only wrong you‘ve committed is falling in love with him and trusting his bullish.”

“I want to pretend that I don‘t care, but I feel hurt. Seren, he might have become a two–timing bstard, but I can‘t act like nothing ever happened. I‘m
not as strong as you think.” “I understand, Liberty. You‘ve known him for twelve years and been in a relationship with him for ten years.

How can you just let go?” People have a strong attachment with a dog after rearing it for ten years, much less lovers and married couples.
Liberty bawled for a while longer and released all the pain within before feeling a little better. Seeing that Liberty‘s tears had stopped flowing,

Serenity grabbed a tissue to wipe her sister’s face. “I’m going to splash my face before Sonny catches me crying later.” Liberty
went into the loo and washed her face before coming out. By the time she took a seat behind the cash register, she had gotten a grip on herself.

Liberty said, “Seren, if you can learn anything from me, you should take care of yourself and treat yourself. Don‘t end up like me, pumping food
into my body and becoming a fat cow for my child. My husband can‘t even stand me.” “Liberty, a cheater will still cheat, even if you watch your figure.

Otherwise, Hank would embrace whatever changes to your body. If his feelings for you were true, he would honor his marital vows despite the changes to your figure and looks.” At the end of the day, Hank was not that into Liberty.

11 Not many women whom men cheated with were better looking and had better figures than their wives. L It was only a matter of time before Hank had an affair anyway, which only happened so quickly because her sister had not been keeping fit.

“Zachary said that he has a friend who‘s an expert at gathering intel. He‘ll ask the friend to collect proof of Hank‘s infidelity.”

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