Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 289

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 289 – Sonny didn‘t finish the sandwiches, so I ate his leftovers.”

Liberty did not have much of an appetite. She ate after Sonny and finished the sandwiches in the lunch box. Neither hungry nor full,
Liberty simply did not feel like eating. Jasmine already had her breakfast. Serenity helped herself to the plate of pasta.

She slurped down her pasta and finished the whole plate in minutes. While she cleared away her dirty dishes and cleaned them in the kitchen,
Jasmine came in and whispered, “Seren, did you notice your sister‘s swollen eyes? Has she been crying?”

Serenity quietly washed the dishes. A while later, she spoke softly, “Shawn was at a business dinner last night and saw my brother–in–law together with another woman. They were rathe intimate at the event. It would be hard to believe that there‘s nothing going on between them.

Shawn only remembered who he was when he got home last night and told me about it. I filled my sister in on the whole thing.”
“Huh?” Jasmine cried. “Your brother–in-law is cheating on her! He proposed going halves and abused Liberty.

Turns out, he‘s having an affair!” Sure enough, there were signs when men did not love their women anymore. “That revolting cheating
b*stared!” Without a word, Serenity cleaned the dishes and walked out of the kitchen to find Liberty staring into blank space as
she held Sonny in her arms.

Feeling a lump in her throat, Serenity felt sorry for her sister. She felt so bad that she wanted to cry. “Siren.” Jasmine patted her
shoulder and said softly, “Now is not the time to be sad.” Serenity bit her lips as she fought back tears. She then made her way
toward Sonny.

“Liberty.”nLiberty did not hear her. “Liberty.” Serenity called out again. Snapping out of her thoughts, Liberty turned her face
away and swiftly wiped her tears. She answered her sister as if nothing happened. “Liberty, let Jasmine look after Sonny.”
Taking the cue,

Janie went ahead and carried Sonny while coaxing him, “Sonny, should I take you to get a toy?” “Okay.” Sonny immediately
responded with joy at the suggestion of getting a new toy. Holding Sonny in her arms,

Jasmine chatted with the little man as she walked out of the bookshop. Once they were gone, Serenity asked her sister with concern,
“What do you plan on doing, Liberty?” i “I intend to take your advice and pretend like I don‘t know anything instead of questioning him.

I‘m going to gather evidence of his affair and look for a job as soon as possible. I‘ll put my card on the table when I get a steady job.”
Liberty was furious and bitter. However, she had to suck it up to gain custody of her son.

“Are you going to forgive Hank if he refuses to divorce, says he‘s sorry, that he‘ll change, and cut ties with his other woman?”
Chapter Without a second thought, Liberty blurted coldly, “No! A leopard won‘t change its spots! Once a cheater, always a cheater.

He is already ashamed of me and has no more feelings for me. It‘s pointless for me to keep him around.” “No matter the decision you make,
I will always be on your side and support you, Liberty.”

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