Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 288

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 288 – What should Liberty do if she failed to get custody of Sonny following the divorce?

The Browns were a nasty piece of work, in the same class as Serenity’s relatives. Serenity dared not imagine Sonny’s life if he were to stay with the Brown family. The Hunt sisters had been caring for Sonny since the day he was born. Serenity loved her nephew like her own.

Her heart sank at the thought that the custody of her nephew would be given to the Browns. “Liberty, if we do get there, we must fight for Sonny’s custody. Sonny will suffer and be bullied in their hands,” Serenity said softly. Biting her lip, Liberty replied in a hushed voice,

“I’ll do everything I can to secure full custody.” While behind the wheel, Zachary chimed in. “You can go on with the divorce
proceedings and fight for custody after you find a job. Otherwise, it’ll be easy to lose the custody battle.”

Although Liberty was Sonny’s primary career and the child was closer to his mother than his father, Liberty had no income,
which was detrimental to winning the custody battle unless Hank was willing to forfeit his parental rights.

“I’ll work hard to find a job. I’ll even take on an administrative job for Sonny’s awke.” Liberty could not get a job as the director of finance,
nor was she able to find work in other roles. Perhaps people did not take her weight kindly as it was bad for her image.

She wanted to take her time at finding a job, but now that Hank was cheating on her, Liberty could no longer be fussy. Her only wish was to find a job.
Zachary hummed an acknowledgment. Soon, they arrived at the shop. Zachary did not enter the shop. “This is for you, Mr. York.”

Serenity gave one of the lunch boxes to Zachary and said, “You didn’t have breakfast. It’ll be bad for your tummy if you starve yourself. I’ll make a fresh
batch at the shop.” Zachary looked into her eyes for a minute before taking the lunch box from her.

“Serenity, I have a friend who’s pretty good at obtaining vital information. I’ve asked him to gather clues and collect evidence of Hank’s infidelity.
Have a good talk with your sister. Don’t worry too much about it. I will help wherever Icon.”

“Thank you, Mr. York.” He was always there to pick up the pieces whenever the sisters were in trouble. He was also capable of straightening out any issues with ease no matter if the problem was big or small. After a brief silence, Zachary responded, “No need to thank me.

We’re still married.” Serenity stared at him for a while. He was a great man. Although he was petty at times and loved to question her motives,
he was a good man most of the time. “Be safe on the road.” “Okay.” As the couple said their goodbyes, Zachary drove off.

Once he spotted his personal ride and convoy at an intersection, Zachary steered his car there and pulled up nearby. He swiftly got into his
Rolls Royce while a bodyguard took over the national MPV and drove behind the fleet of cars onward to York Corporation.

It was a good thing Elisa was not waiting in front of the office building today. It was not that Elisa did not wait for Zachary. She was at the wrong location. Elisa was waiting for Zachary along the road to Regent Residences. Despite hanging around for the whole morning,

she did not catch Zachary’s Rolls Royce passing by. Knowing that Zachary owned a lot of properties, Elisa got the idea that Zachary did not
spend the night at Regent Residences last night since he did not go past. She wondered where he was last night.

It seemed her plan would not work anymore. What should she do now? With the intention to seek help, Elisa went to Wilt spoon School to
look for Serenity. She even bought some desserts from a shop for Serenity. Meanwhile, Serenity had made herself a pasta dish for breakfast.

The food was ready. She carried the plate of pasta out of the kitchenette. “Liberty, Jasmine, do you want any? There’s more in the pot.”

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