Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 286

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 286 – Serenity had just gotten downstairs when she heard her man‘s cries.

he bodyguards, who were pretending to be strolling nearby, swiftly turned their backs against Serenity as if they did not see her when the missus
emerged downstairs. They carried on with their leisure walks. L . It did not take long before Mr. Zachary was calling out to the missus.

Stopping in her tracks, Serenity turned around and looked at Zachary. With the car keys in hand, Zachary said to Serenity, “I‘ll come along.”
His sister–in–law bravely fought back when Hank abused her. Liberty was a spitfire.

She was not the type to back down and endure the suffering. LL How could Liberty tolerate her husband‘s cheating?
The couple might engage in another physical altercation. Zachary knew that Hank could not hurt Serenity since his wife practiced self–

defense. Nevertheless, she needed a man by her side as Hank or the Browns would not think twice before acting cocky. He was her husband and her supporter. Zachary hoped he would have a chance to prove himself.

He reached out to take the lunchboxes from Serenity and grabbed her hand with his free hand to lead her to his car. “I‘ll drive you to the shop
later too.” Serenity no longer refused him from tagging along. She decided to cook him breakfast at her sister’s place later,

so Zachary would not go to work hungry. “I overheard your phone conversation with your sister last night.” Zachary was not going to say that
he had Josh investigating proof of Hank‘s infidelity earlier on.

He dared not bring up that he bumped into Hank and his lover at the hotel as the couple was giving each other the silent treatment at the time.
Besides, Zachary did not see Hank with his own eyes. His bodyguard told him about it.Serenity fell silent for a while before saying,

“Shawn went to a business partyat Wiltspoon Hotel last night and saw my brother–in law getting cozy with a young and beautiful woman there.
The woman must be his lover. Hank… That b*stard is having an affair! “I couldn‘t keep it from my sister, so I told her.

It‘s not something I should be quiet about. Hank and his family are already mistreating my sister, and it‘s only getting worse. My sister‘s
heartbroken. Why should I lie to my sister when he‘s now cheating on her?” Keeping the affair a secret would do the greatest harm to her sister.

Serenity would rather her sister get this over with sooner than later. She preferred her sister to feel the pain now than her sister spending the rest
of her life in forbearance. There were many fishes in the sea. Her sister was not without a future if Hank was not in the picture.

Even if her sister had no intentions to remarry after the divorce, she would not have to face her in–laws‘ criticisms and insults anymore. Liberty would be
free from her husband‘s passive–aggressive attacks. She would regain her freedom.

f course, it was Serenity‘s wish that her sister could find her two feet and confidence to be independent once she wa separated from Hank.
It would be better if she could find new happiness though. With his eyes on the road, Zachary listened to her vent and replied,” You did the right thing.”

The worry reflected in Serenity’s tone must be the doubt that she might have made a mistake. She did not want her sister to resent her for that.
Having acquired Zachary‘s moral support, Serenity felt assured with her decision. “But you should ask what your sister plans to do later.

Is she going to forgive Hank if he cut ties with his mistress? Does she still want the marriage to work?” Zachary was new to the subject of marriage,
but he had heard stories of wives catching their husbands cheating on them. The men would beg for forgiveness in tears, promising they would never see the mistresses again,

and some wives were willing to give these men a second chance. He reminded Serenity that it was best to get Liberty‘s opinion on the matter.
One option was to divorce, but Liberty had to figure a way to save her marriage if she was not ready to go down that route.

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