Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 285

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 285 – Liberty was not at the market getting groceries.

She had been looking for a job during the day and making a detour to the market while on her way home. The produce at the market tended to be cheaper at night, so she could save a bit of money this way. Although Liberty had not gotten a job and could not rely on her husband,

she had not maxed out her resources. It was a good thing Liberty took her sister‘s advice to save up some money back then.
Her sister was against Liberty quitting her job and getting ready for pregnancy after getting married.

er sister said that women should have their own income instead of relying completely on men no matter before or after marriage.
All was good if the husband was good to the wife.5 Once the husband fell out of love and started cheating, the wife,

who was without a job or an income, would be in an unfavorable position and be sunk into oblivion. Liberty had been foolish.
She trusted her relationship with Hank was solid and that Hank would never betray her.

He told her to fork out the money to renovate their home. Liberty believed she should deck out their love nest. Since she was also part
of the home, she
promised Hank to spend hundreds of thousands in her savings to renovate the house.

Hank told her to quit her job and prepare herself for pregnancy. He would be supporting her financially. She believed his sweet nothings
and handed in her resignation despite her boss‘s retention offers. She went from working in the office to building her home.

What did she get in the end ?Hurt. LE Liberty pushed her son in the stroller as she walked to her sister’s bookshop She did not go to
Bryn field for fear she might be a bother to her brother –in–law so early in the morning.

While strolling, she could not stop the tears from rolling down her cheeks as she reminisced about the old times. Liberty thought she would
not be sad since she had braced herself for the divorce. Still, she overestimated herself. She was sad, terribly sad.

She would be lying to say she had no more feelings for him. Twelve years of knowing him could not be wiped away just like that.
Sitting in the stroller, Sonny was still asleep. Liberty carried him out and put him in the stroller so the little man could continue his sleep.

Despite the transfer, the little guy had no problems staying in slumber and Liberty wheeled her sleeping son and took strides ahead like a puppet.
Meanwhile, Serenity made breakfast and packed them in lunch boxes that she had just cleaned.

She left some food out for Zachary but nothing for herself. Carrying the two lunch boxes, she hurried out of the kitchen.
She ran into Zachary on her way out. “Good morning, Mr. York.” Serenity wished him a good morning. “

Breakfast is ready in the kitchen. You can get it from there. I made sandwiches.” Zachary stared at the lunch boxes in her hands and asked,
“Haven‘t you eaten?” “Not yet. I’m going to my sister’s place. Sonny loves sandwiches. I’m bringing him some.”

Serenity did not hide her brother–in–law‘s infidelity from her sister. She told her sister last night, and now she was worried that Liberty would
lose her appetite over the matter. That was why Serenity packed sandwiches. At least her sister and nephew would not go hungry.

Since she filled the containers up, it would be enough for Serenity and her sister to share and still fill their stomachis. The sisters only had
each other over the years. Although Liberty had prepared herself for a divorce, they dated for seven years and married for three.

That was a ten–year relationship down the drain. It would be hard on Liberty when it came down to it. Zachary knew the reason Serenity was
in a rush to get to his sister–in law‘s place. “I‘ll go with you.” “It‘s fine. You haven‘t had breakfast, and you need to get to work later.

I‘m off, Mr. York. Don‘t forget about breakfast. Wash up when you‘re done.” Serenity urged her man before leaving in a haste with
the lunch boxes.

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