Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 284

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 284 – You had a lot to drink. You reek of alcohol. Go and shower.”

Disgusted by the stench, Liberty kicked Hank. Now that she had found out that he was cheating on her, Liberty was going to
take her sister‘s advice and refrain from spooking him.

She would carry on with life like nothing ever happened while collecting evidence of his infidelity behind the scenes,
so he could not talk his way out of it. As for whether Hank would do something to her,

Liberty believed that he was not that cruel. Besides, the police could easily crack a murder case with today‘s technology.
His misdeed would not go undetected if he ever lay his hands on her. her would not throw away his future in exchange for her life.

After coming out of the bathroom, Hank lay down next to his son again, but in less than two minutes, he sat up and crawled near his sn‘s feet
to slither his hand onto Liberty‘s thigh. He made his intention abundantly clear. Although Hank was turned off by Liberty‘s body,

Jessica had awakened the beast within him. He could only relieve himself with Liberty since they were a couple in the eys of the law.
In the past, Liberty would play along whenever his hand ran up her thigh.

Tonight, he had only touched Liberty‘s thigh when the latter gave him her foot. Caught off guard, Hank was kicked off the bed
and fell onto his bottom.

Hank was furious. He got onto his feet and pointed at Liberty, about to blow up at Liberty when the woman slid off the bed while
picking up her slipper in passing. With Liberty charging at him and ready to pick a fight,

Hank was brought back to when he ran several blocks with the knife wielding woman on his tail.

Suddenly, he could not find the words to yell at her. “Get lost!” Liberty threw her slipper at him and hissed in a low voice,
“Don‘t you dare wake my son up.” Hank held a finger up to her face as redness flushed his face. Still, he could not get a word out.

In the end, he stormed out in bitter resentment. Liberty went to close and locked the bedroom door. She might get intimate
with Hank if the phone call with her sister did not happen an hour ago. They were a married couple after all.

Now that Liberty knew Hank did the ultimate betrayal, regardless of whether it was an emotional or physical affair, she could no longer
accept him as he made her sick. Now that he was at a safe distance away from Liberty, he ran his mouth, “Look at your fat and ugly self.

I can only take you in the dark. I wouldn‘t even touch you if the light was turned on. I was doing you a favor! Do you think
you‘re still the beautiful girl you were long ago? “Fine, have it your way. I‘m never touching you again!”

Hank chose to be passive–aggressive, so Liberty would suffer the consequences of making him mad. He believed Liberty was only thirty
years old to be able to suppress her own urges. After tearing into Liberty, Hank went to the guest room and took another shower.

It was a cold shower this time. He then plopped onto the bed and fell asleep. By the time he woke up the next morning, Liberty and her
son were no longer home. He brushed his teeth and freshened up before heading to the kitchen out of habit.

Hank approached the stove and took off the lids of each pot but found nothing inside. “I might as well hire a housekeeper than marry a wife.
the point of having a wife? She can‘t even make breakfast. I go to work every day and bring home the bacon while she‘s at home,

just taking care of a child. Can‘t she cook up a quick breakfast for me? What‘s the use of having her around?” Rubbing his belly, Hank
was starving. He opened the fridge to find nothing much in there.

Hank initially wanted to make himself a bowl of pasta but quickly gave up on that thought .

It was because Hank was no use in the kitchen. His parents and sister cooked for him before he got married while Liberty and Serenity
took over the cooking duty after marriage. Hank merely sat there and enjoyed the food.

He came out of the kitchen and looked at the clock on the wall. It was only seven o‘clock in the morning. Where could Liberty and his son be at this
hour? Were they at the market getting groceries?

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