Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 283

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 283 – Liberty cried for a long time and only put away the tears when Hank came home.

She pretended to be asleep, but her ears were pricked up or the noise outside. Ever since the domestic abuse, the couple had slept in separate rooms.
Hank must be scared Liberty might cut him up in the middle of his sleep.

The bedroom door was pushed open, but Hank did not enter. Instead, he looked in from the door. Seeing that his wife and child were asleep,
he closed the door and went to the bedroom next door. With the door shut, he phoned Jessica. “Mr. Brown.”

“We‘re not in the office. Call me Hank.” 1 Hank spoke in a hushed tone so his wife could not hear him from the next room.
“Are you home, Hank? I was so worried about you. You drove home even though you had a lot to drink.

I was worried sick. Don‘t do that again. It‘s dangerous to drink and drive. You’ll be in trouble if the traffic catches you for a DUI.”
Jessica expressed her concern for Hank over the phone and made him feel loved through the sweet talk.

“You‘re the boss. I won‘t drive under the influence anymore. I’ll get someone to drive instead. Get some rest, Jessica. I just want to
wish you goodnight.” Hank was smitten by Jessica. They had spent the whole night together before going back to their homes.

Yet, Hank could not stop thinking about Jessica – her beautiful face, her voluptuous figure, and her sweet voice. He missed her everything.
Perhaps he had too much to drink because the mere thought of Jessica set his loins on fire.

“Hank, get some sleep. We have work tomorrow. Goodnight. I‘ll miss you in my dreams.” Jessica held the phone against her lips and
made smooching sounds.”Kisses for you.” Hank said with a smile, “The kiss doesn‘t do it for me. You must make it up to me tomorrow.

I want a French kiss. Jessica, I really, really want … You get it, Jessica.” “Goodnight, Hank.” Dismissing the meaning behind his words on purpose,
Jessica coquettishly said goodnight and hung up the call.

Hank had the hots for Jessica, but the latter kept leading him on, refusing to take their relationship one step further.

“That little flirt! “But that‘s what I like about you,” Hank murmured. Although the flirt turned him on a bit too much, Hank wired Jessica money in
the amounts of 143 and 1,437 dollars separately with a kissing emoji.

Jessica accepted the wired money and transferred back 1.43 and 14.37 dollars, respectively, adding a playful text message together
with the transfer. (Hank, I love you with an extra point.)

Hank felt on top of the world. The pair went mushy over text messages for half an hour before calling it quits for the night.

After much thought, Hank decided to leave the guest room and return to the master bedroom. He pushed the door open and went in.
Having held down her sadness, Liberty pulled herself out of the slump and let drowsiness take over.

She turned over to the sound of the door opening abruptly and opened her eyes to see Hank entering the room. She asked sharply,
“What are you doing in here?” Stopping in his tracks, Hank replied curtly, “This is my bedroom too. What‘s wrong with sleeping in my room?”

“Aren‘t you afraid I might chop you up to bits?” Liberty‘s tone was filled with sarcasm. Hank ignored her.
He went over and took out his shoes before climbing into bed. Hank lay down next to his son.

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