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Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 281 – While feasting on her pasta, Serenity sent a text message to her sister, asking if the latter was asleep.

Instead of writing back, Liberty immediately rang Serenity. Since typing took a lot of time, Liberty would rather communicate directly on the phone.
“Seren, I‘m awake. Did you just return home?” Liberty had a clear idea of her sister‘s routine. Back when Serenity was living in Liberty‘s place,

Serenity was the last to sleep but the first to wake up. Liberty was aware that to appease her husband, Serenity wouldget up first
thing in the morning to prepare breakfast and manage some house chores. Her sister had done so much for the family,

and yet Hank kicked up a fuss about Serenity mooching off him. Serenity had, in fact, chipped in on the household expenses…
Judging by his cold and empty side of the bed, it did not matter to Liberty anymore.

All she cared about was her sister. “Yeah. I‘m having supper. Liberty, Shawn said he ran into my brother in-law with a beautiful lady at a business event at Wiltspoon Hotel. Shawn mentioned he was very nice to the woman. They looked like a couple in love.

“Shawn has never seen my brother-in-law, but he had heard of his name. Shawn told me once he remembered where he heard the name before. Since
Shawn said the man is a manager of Waltham Electronics, I think it was likely Hank. Be careful and keep an eye on Hank.

Don‘t let him transfer all the assets away. Most importantly, protect yourself.” There were too many murder cases of spouses nowadays. Serenity‘s priority was to warn her sister to keep herself safe. There was no point in keeping the man around if he was unfaithful. However,

it would not be worth losing her life over a cheating b*stared. While her ears took in everything her sister said, Liberty could not find her
voice. Liberty had prepared herself for this day as she had guessed that Hank might be having an affair.

He was a charming man in his early thirties with a successful career. There must be a lot of young women in his company. For Hank to be surrounded by
young and beautiful women in the office and to come home to Liberty, who still had her postpartum body,

Hank would pick the women in his office over her any day. It was only normal for men. Liberty had braced herself to separate from Hank.
However, her sister‘s account of Hank‘s possible affair was a slap in Liberty‘s face, sweeping her away in a whirlwind of disappointment and despair.

Tears rolled down her cheeks before she could say anything. She and Hank were college sweethearts, and they had kept the relationship
strong after graduation. They had known each other for twelve years, dated for seven years, and married for three years.

She thought this was her happy–ever–after, but the cruel reality stripped away her happy ending. After her parents were taken away by an untimely death, Liberty struggled through life together with her sister. Hank was caring for her and her sister back then, always comforting,

encouraging, and helping her in her time of need. He gave Liberty all the attention when their relationship was official. The honeymoon phase aside, Hank had been nothing but nice to her at the start of their marriage. Hank and Liberty were both to be blamed for Hank falling out of love.

After the birth of their son, Liberty put all her attention on the child and went heavy on nutritious food to nurse her son. She was the type to gain weight easily if she did not watch what she was eating. Liberty started to add pounds to her waistline during the nursing period.

In addition, she believed Hank when he said he would take care of her and quit her job. Without a source of income, Liberty skimped and refused to spend money on herself. She was a different person from the woman she was before marriage.

She knew that a devoted man would always remain faithful to his wife regardless of her weight change. However, most men could not stand their
wives when women let themselves go and were dependent on them for money. Ultimately, the feelings Hank had for Liberty did not run deep. “
Are you alright, Liberty?”

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