Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 280

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 280 – Josh was able to figure it was Shawn mainly because the latter attended the business
event at the hotel tonight.

Shawn might only hold a small position at Lowe Enterprise, but he was the predetermined successor of the company.
His title as the heir of the Lowes would put him like a duck to water at the center of flattery and snow jobs at social events.

Zachary‘s silence was all the answer Josh needed. “How about I deliver the file to you now? Are you staying at Brynfield?”
Josh knew that his best friend kept the marriage under wraps and bought a furnished place at Bryn field to put Serenity‘s character to the test.

“No need for that. Just give it to me tomorrow. It‘s late. You should rest. I‘m going to wash up and head to bed.” Although Josh had front–row
seat to the progress of Zachary and Serenity‘s relationship, Zachary was not in the mood to go into detail with Josh about it.

Zachary quickly hung up the phone. Josh murmured under his breath, “Can you sleep well tonight? Your love rival hogged the credit.”
Only Zachary knew if he had a good night‘s sleep. Serenity was not too surprised following Shawn‘s disclosure.

All she felt was rage. “Thank you for letting me know, Shawn.” Instead of blowing up, Serenity thanked Shawn and asked, “Do you have
pictures of them?” She needed concrete proof that Shawn had indeed seen the cheating b*stard, Hank

“I didn‘t take pictures with them. I thought his name was familiar but couldn‘t put my finger on it. It only dawned on me that it
might be your brother–in–law‘s name when I got home. That‘s why I called you. Serenity, tell your sister to quickly collect the

evidence and be on the lookout in case he tries to shift the assets.” “Sure, I will. Thanks again.” Shawn said with a smile, “No need to thank me.
I‘m only the messenger, Serenity. “I shouldn‘t take you away from your rest. Goodnight, Serenity. I‘m going to drop by the shop to deliver Jasmine‘s favorite breakfast tomorrow morning.

Come and enjoy breakfast together.” Shawn often delivered food to his cousin, but he had other things in mind. The truth was that he
wanted to deliver food to Serenity. However, Shawn could not come clean about his true intentions. “It‘s fine.

Just bring breakfast for Jasmine. I‘m going to have breakfast with my husband before getting to work.” Zachary mentioned that Shawn liked her.
Serenity had no idea whether Zachary was right about that. Nevertheless, it was time she kept a distance from Shawn.

He was a grown man, gone was the child who rolled on the floor crying whenever the girls left him out in games.
She specifically brought Zachary into the conversation. It was to remind Shawn that she was married.

The smile on Shawn‘s face froze at the mention of her husband. It took a while before he found his voice. “Goodnight, Serenity.”
He ended the call. After putting his phone on his bedside table, Shawn lay in bed and stared at the ceiling.

The thought that Serenity, who he had a crush on since forever, married someone else made his heart sink to the pit of his stomach.
He knew that Serenity only got hitched in a haste to find a place to move in so that her sister could feel at ease.

Shawn was also aware that Serenity never found him as husband material because he was younger than her by three years.
Serenity only saw him as a younger brother. Why did he have to be three years younger than Serenity?

His mother should have given birth to him sooner. Serenity would not regard him as a younger brother if he was at least Serenity’s age.
Mrs. Lowe must wonder why it was her fault if she could read Shawn’s thoughts.

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