Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 279

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 279 – Zachary picked up the maneki–neko once more as his wife said,

“I made your maneki–neko bigger than the one I gave Ms. Stone. I put a lot of effort into it. What do you think? Doesn’t it look lifelike?”
The mention that his was bigger than Ms. Stone‘s made Zachary feel good.

However, he did not show it on his face and simply hummed faintly, “Yes.” Serenity grinned. “I‘m glad you like them.” She put her car keys
on the coffee table and turned around to head to the kitchen. “I‘m making pasta for supper. Do you want any?”

She then answered on her own before Zachary could reply, “Oh, I forgot. You don‘t have the habit of eating supper because it adds pounds.”
Zachary thought to himself, ‘… What more can I say? You said it all. Nevertheless, he was not hungry.

Serenity was boiling a pot of pasta in the kitchen. Zachary stood there for a moment before making his way to the kitchen door.
Instead of stepping into the kitchen, he stood by the door and watched as Serenity sliced the onions and basil.

These were her two favorite ingredients for pasta. She also cooked an egg and some bacon bits. She said she enjoyed a bit of grease in her food.
Ring, ring, ring… Serenity‘s phone rang. She stopped what she was doing while murmuring, “Who could be calling me at this hour?”

The moment Serenity saw that it was Shawn, she furrowed her brows and took the call. Zachary heard her saying, “What‘s the matter, Shawn?”
It was a call from Shawn! Zachary immediately pricked his ears up. “Serenity, is your brother-in–law called Hank Brown?”

It only hit Shawn why Hank‘s name sounded familiar when he got home. It seemed to be the name of Serenity‘s brother–in–law.
He immediately called Serenity to verify the possibility. Of course, he had his ulterior motives. It was a reason for Serenity to feel grateful to him.

“That‘s my brother–in–law‘s name. What‘s wrong? Do you know him?” Zachary could guess the direction of the conversation at that point. Without
interrupting their phone conversation, Zachary slipped away to his bedroom and called Josh. Once Josh picked up the call,

he asked in a husky voice, “Josh, did you get anything on the investigation into Hank‘s affair?” “Got it. I was thinking of bringing the report
with the photographs to you tomorrow. Hank has all the intentions of cheating on Liberty, but he and his lover haven‘t gotten physical yet.

It‘s more like they‘re dating without having sex. “Apart from a few pieces of jewelry, Hank didn‘t give his lover a house o a car. My people took photographs of them together. There are a few intimatepictures like kissing and hugging, but nothing more than that.”

Josh believed the secretary, Jessica, was quite a flirt and had a way with men. She was not in a hurry to give herself to Hank, leading him
n by playing hard to get. That was the weakness of human nature. People wanted what they could not get.

“Hank is very frugal with his wife but generous to his lover named Jessica Yates. He often takes her to the Wilt spoon Hotel for dinner.
It makes my job easy to look into their expenses at the Wilt spoon Hotel.”

The Wilt spoon Hotel belonged to York Corporation and was managed by Kevin, who always kept a friendly front.
Kevin had met with Hank before. “Why did you call me so late into the night to ask about this? What?

Did your sister–in–law find out about her husband cheating?” “Not yet, but someone swooped in ahead of me to take the credit.” Josh replied
, “… Who would ever do that? Tell me, Zachary. I‘ll teach the person a lesson for you so that they know the consequences of stepping on your toes.

” He wanted in on the gossip. “Let me guess. Was it your love rival?” Josh was not dumb. In fact, he was quick to catch on.

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