Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 278

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 278 – Grandma May must have her reasons to take a shine to Serenity.

Zachary fell silent for a while before replying, “What’s there to see? She has two eyes, a nose, and a mouth just like everyone else.”
“Haha.” Duncan burst out laughing. He got the hint that his best friend had no intentions to let them meet with Serenity.

Josh probably had met Serenity and knew her well because Josh was nosy and had an information network to get all the info on her.
Duncan left the conversation at that. Knowing that his best friend was busy, he quickly hung up the call.

Time passed quickly. It was soon dead into the night. Sitting inside the Rolls Royce, Zachary knitted between his brows as the
weariness began to take its effect. He must be in over his head in the last few days for trying to cram three days of work into one.

Of course, he was tired. “Sir, should I drive to Regent Residences?” The chauffeur asked. Slumping against the seat, Zachary closed his
eyes and took his time toanswer the chauffeur. Two minutes later, he spoke in a gruff voice, “To Brynfield.” “Sure.” Hearing that,

Jim could relax. The lives of the bodyguards would be better with Mr. Zachary finally returning to the missus‘ side.
Although Mr. Zachary did nothing to the bodyguards, the squad had been on tenterhooks,

afraid they might slip up and get it from Mr. Zachary as Mr. Zachary had not been in the best of moods for the past few days. Zachary was
not on his way back from the office as he had been out at a business dinner. The journey home would take some time.

It took twenty minutes before he arrived at Brynfield. Zachary opened the door to the house and was welcomed by darkness. Was Serenity
not home yet? He turned on the lights and looked at the time. It was eleven o’clock at night. The girl would be home soon.

It was a good thing he came upstairs quickly, or his cover would be blown if she caught him stepping out of the Rolls Royce. Zachary had
not been home for three days. Yet, he had the feeling that he had been away for a long time. The silent treatment,

the temporary separate living arrangement, and the deleting of contacts felt like a long time ago. In reality, it had only been three day.
The silent treatment would have carried on if Nana did not intervene to give Zachary an out.

There was a maneki–neko and a dragon on the coffee table. Those were the crafts Serenity promised him. Zachary went over and picked
up the maneki–neko. Serenity was good with her hands, breathing life into her crafts. There was a noise at the door.

Zachary swiftly put the maneki–neko back on the coffee table, wanting to pretend that he had only come out of his bedroom. However,
he still had his suit on. Besides, Serenity already had one foot inside the house. Hence, Zachary gave up on putting up the front.

Their gazes met. Serenity broke the silence. “Did you just come home, Mr. York?” “Yes. I just arrived.” Zachary calmly picked up the golden
dragon. “When did you finish these products? ”I put them out on the night you didn’t return home.” Serenity said while approaching him,

“Since I’m not allowed in your bedroom, I didn’t put the crafts in your room and put them here instead. I was thinking you’d spot the crafts
when you come back and take them into your room.”

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