Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 277

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 277 – Liberty looked at Duncan. Duncan knew that she was overthinking it again.

The woman was rather distrustful of him. He explained, “My point is, don‘t leave your son home alone while you come down to take the
things if there‘s no one else in the house. It‘s not safe.” Her son looked to be around two or three years old.

Kids that age tended to be active and cheeky, intrigued to touch and play with anything and everything. There was no turning back if something happened to the kid for fooling around with something dangerous. “Thank you for your advice, Mr. Lewis. I‘ll head upstairs no.”

Liberty carried the packs of diapers and thanked Duncan before hurrying back upstairs. She thought to herself that Duncan might not look the part of a nice guy since he was big, strong, and had a terrifying scar on his face, but he was a considerate and attentive man.

It was a reminder never to judge a book by its cover. Duncan waited until Liberty was gone before returning to his car and driving away.
While on the road, he gave Zachary a call. The moment Zachary was on the other line, he said,

“Zachary, I think your sister–in–law has something against my cars. Do you know? The windshield of my Porsche is cracked because of her.”
“What happened? Do you crash into her, or did she run into you?” Zachary was concerned with anything to do with his sister-in-law.

His sister-in–law had always been nothing but nice to him. “Nothing of that sort.” Duncan recounted the whole incident to his best friend.
At the end of the story, he said, “Zachary, do you think your sister in–law has something against my cars?

I‘m going to the car dealership tomorrow to get myself a hundred–thousand–dollar car. I‘ll just drive that car from now on in
case I run into your sister –in–law damaging my expensive car. The repair costs will kill me.”

This had happened twice now. The first time was not that bad since it was a scratch. The repairs did not cost a lot. This incident was worse
than the first time. God knows if the damage next time would be greater. Zachary was speechless. He was at a loss for words.

It was such a coincidence that his sister–in–law was involved every time. Zachary would have teased that fate had brought Duncan and Liberty
together if Liberty was not already married. “Only for you, I didn‘t let her pay for the damages.” “How much does the repair cost?

I’ll pay for her.” Zachary offered generously. “It‘s fine. I‘m not short of cash. I just want to let it out of my chest. That reminds me,
Zachary. It seems to be that your sister–in–law doesn‘t get on well with her husband.

She bought a lot of stuff and called her husband to pick her up, but her husband refused.” Any ordinary man would tell their wives to call a cab
if they could not make the trip. Since Liberty had no income, she probably did not want to spend the cash even if her husband told her to get a cab.

Duncan believed he was overthinking the whole situation. With a deadpan voice, Zachary replied, “If my eyes didn‘t deceive me, I guess
her husband is attending the event at the Wilt spoon Hotel with a hot and beautiful woman right now.”

Duncan answered, “… No wonder. So, her husband is cheating on her.” “I can‘t say if he‘s cheating on her, but I got Josh on the case.
Josh will gather evidence of his infidelity if he‘s having an affair. As of yet, Josh hasn‘t given me a report.”

The family Serenity cared about the most was her sister. Zachary believed that as Serenity‘s husband, he should lend a hand if his sister–in–law was facing the ultimate betrayal.

He had a problem with Hank too. “You seem to take an interest in your wife‘s family. In this case, when are you going to let us meet with your wife?” Duncan was curious about what made Serenity remarkable for Grandma May to be fond of her.

She nagged Zachary for three months until he gave in and married Serenity in return for saving Grandma May‘s life. Grandma May might
not behave like her age and could be not trusted for the littlest things, but her mind could not be any clearer, she was a good judge of character.

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