Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 276

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 276 – Liberty instinctively responded. She did not read too much into the situation.

Firstly, Liberty was past the age of dreaming. Secondly, she was married, and thirdly, she was no longer the belle she was before marriage. Liberty was now a fat and ugly woman. Duncan grinned. “Let‘s talk about the repairs.” It threw Liberty into a tizzy.

She did not have much savings left. Judging by the damages this time, the repairs must cost a lot more. She would have to drain her
bank account to pay Duncan and endure Hank‘s name–calling for being pathetic.

The stroller merely scraped Duncan‘s vehicle in the last incident, but she had to fork out nine thousand bucks. “Where do you live?” “Bright Boulevard.” “That‘s a good catchment area. You made a good choice and bought the place quickly.” The houses at Bright Boulevard were all sold.

“My husband bought the house before we got married. He‘s still paying the mortgage. Mr. Lewis, how much would the repairs cost? Um… It‘s not that I want to pass the buck or refuse to pay,

I‘m a housewife without a source of income. I don‘t have much savings left. I probably won‘t have enough to cover the cost. “Can I pay in installments?” Liberty probingly asked, “I‘m trying to find a job now. I can promise that I‘ll pay everything I owe once I have a job and a steady income.”

Behind the wheel, Duncan replied, “No need to be nervous. I don‘t expect you to pay this time. I only asked you to pay for the scratch so
that it would serve as a reminder to watch out on the street. It would be unfortunate for you if you ran your stroller onto anyone else.

Don‘t forget, your son is in this car.” LL LE Color washed off Liberty‘s complexion as scenarios of what could happen entered her mind. “I don‘t think it matters whether you pay for the repairs. It has only been a little over a month before you damaged another one of my cars.”

Duncan was not going to take his luxury sedans to the road in case he bumped into her again. Liberty was embarrassed, not knowing what to say. However, she was relieved that Duncan was generous enough to write off the repair cost.

The pair were not friends. Duncan only helped out because of their common friend, Zachary. Since Liberty said nothing, Duncan left the conversation at
that. It took less than ten minutes to arrive at Bright Boulevard by car. Considering that Liberty had a toddler and many things to carry,

Duncan told Liberty to swipe her residential card to gain access into the neighborhood. He then drove the car into the gated community under Liberty‘s guidance and pulled up in front of Liberty‘s residential building. Duncan got down from the car and moved her things down.

“Thank you, Mr. Lewis.” Liberty was grateful. “I‘ll carry your stuff upstairs.” “It‘s fine. You can watch my things here. It‘ll only take two trips,
so it won‘t be long. There‘s an elevator.” “Sure.” Duncan watched as she carried her son while pushing the stroller away.

A few minutes later, Liberty came down the stairs alone. “Is there anyone else at home now?” Duncan asked in passing.

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