Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 275

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 275 – Duncan stared at Liberty who clammed up at that point.

Since his best friend married Serenity and this plump woman was his best friend‘s sister–in–law, Duncan was not going to let Liberty pay for the repairs.
Liberty did not mean for it to happen anyway. It was partly his fault for driving too fast.

His eyes on her made Liberty nervous. Holding her son tight, Liberty was about to speak when Duncan jumped in with questions. “Why did you get so
many things? Can‘t you call your husband to help? Maybe don‘t get so much stuff all at once.”

“I‘m a little far from home, so I called my husband, but he was too busy to pick me up. I thought I should just carry everything home. I didn’t see the
brick there, and the stroller flipped over when I bumped into it. I didn‘t think you would knock onto the can of formula that rolled out to the road.”

Liberty murmured, “I had to attend to my child since he was crying. I didn‘t have time to pick up the things that were scattered on the ground.
“Mr. Lewis, it was an accident this time.” After a brief silence, she added, “Would you let me pay only half for the repairs?

It was an honest mistake, and you were driving too fast. You‘re also responsible for what just happened.” Duncan thought to himself, ‘I only requested that she paid nine thousand bucks for the damages the last time since Zachary called me. To be honest, I had to cover a lot more of the repairs.‘

Zachary did not mention that he had married Serenity. Duncan would not have let Liberty pay a dime had he known about the marriage.
Duncan reached out to pick up the diapers. Liberty stared at him in confusion.

Duncan put all the diapers into his car and came back for the stroller before telling her, “Get into the car. I’ll drive you and your son home.”
The husband of this heavy woman must not be very nice to her. Despite the wife’s call for help, he was nowhere to be found.

Sure, work was important, but was it more important than his wife and child? If Duncan were in the husband’s shoes, he would be the first on the scene to attend to his wife’s needs. Nevertheless, Duncan guessed that her husband probably did not take Liberty’s outward appearance too kindly.

She was on the heavy side. Instead of taking Duncan up on his offer, Liberty carried her son and charged up to snatch the stroller back.
Duncan looked at her puzzledly. “I appreciate the thought, Mr. Lewis, but it’s fine. I–I can slowly make my way back home.

I can also call my sister to pick me up. She has a car. You don’t have to drive us.” Duncan could take a hint. He might nugget it in the beginning, but now hecould see that Liberty had her guard up against him. Amused, he said, “I’m not a pervert. I mean no harm.

You don’t have to be wary of me. I just thought about giving you a lift since you’re with a child and a lot of stuff. From the last incident, you should know that your brother–in– law, Zachary, is friends with me.” Liberty knew that.

However, they were unrelated by any means. Plus, getting a lift from him was the last thing she wanted to do since the two times they met were under
deplorable circumstances. “Get in. You might not be tired, but your child is. Your son is about to nod off.

How long is it going to take you to walk home?” Liberty was about to decline when God refused to let it her way. It started to rain.
It was chilly in November. The rain brought about the wintriness. Although Liberty wore a short–sleeved shirt,

she did not feel the cold probably because she was protected by a layer of fat. “It’s raining. I don’t think you have an umbrella. Get into the car.
A bit of rain might not harm you, but your son could catch a cold. You’d feel bad if your son gets sick.”

Duncan said as he took over the stroller and placed it in the car. Liberty hesitated for a bit before getting into Duncan’s car.
“Ms. Hunt, I’m only doing this because Zachary’s a friend. Don’t read too much into it.” “I’m not.” pe pe

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