Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 274

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 274 – “Sonny.” Without time to pick up the can of formula that rolled to the middle of the road,
Liberty flew to pick up her son and examined him for any injuries.

She asked, “Where does it hurt, Sonny? Do you feel pain anywhere? Tell mama.” “Mama.” Sonny bawled and clung to Liberty’s neck,
refusing to let go. He was not hurt, but it was quite a scare. “Bang!” It was a loud noise. Liberty turned her gaze to the source of the noise.

A car knocked the can of formula away, but as luck would have it, the can of formula smashed onto the car’s windshield
on its way down from the air. The weight of the can and the gravity of the fall cracked the windshield to smithereens.

The driver of the car slammed hard on the brakes. Startled by the sudden turn of events, Sonny stopped crying and latched tightly around the nape of his mother’s neck.

Liberty had a good look at the car’s logo. It was a Porsche! It was a high–performance sedan!

Uh… Was she supposed to compensate for the car repairs? When Liberty scratched a Maybach the last time, Mr. Lewis only asked her to
pay part of the damages out of respect for her brother -in–law as her brother–in–law knew the car owner.

Liberty would not be able to afford to pay for the damages this time. She watched in dismay as the car owner stepped out of the car.
The towering and brawny figure looked rather familiar. Uh… Was it not Mr. Lewis? Why was it him again?

Talk about coincidence. Duncan inspected his windshield and concluded that he would need to replace it. He quickly got the full picture
of what had happened when he spotted the tumbling can of formula,

Liberty’s overturned stroller on the pavement, and a few packs of diapers plus cans of formula scattered on the ground.

Once he realized that it was Liberty, Duncan could not believe his bad luck. It was this heavy woman every single time!
He turned around and got back into the car. Thinking that he was going to drive away, Liberty let out a sigh of relief.

To her horror, he drove the car to park at the side of the road. After getting down from the car, Duncan went to pick up the can of formula and came over to turn the stroller upright.

He also gathered te diapers and other cans of formula, but since the stroller could not accommodate that much stuff,

he placed the packs of diapers against the stroller. “Ms. Hunt, do you have a grudge against my car? You scratched my car the last time, and now my windshield cracked because of you.”

Duncan had a terrifying presence due to his tall and robust build and the scar on his face.

Liberty was guilt–ridden and scared. Holding onto her son, Liberty stuttered, “Mr.…. Mr. Lewis… Um… It was an accident … I didn’t… mean it…”
Duncan glared at her. It made her freak out more. “Mr. Lewis, you can’t blame me for it. You were speeding.

Didn’t you see there was something on the road?” Duncan found it amusing. “Are you saying that I was blind?” Liberty was without a word.
Many cars drove by, but none hit the can of formula except Duncan. It could only be explained by him driving at high speed.

Since Duncan stepped on the gas, it would probably be too late to hit the brakes or swerve to the side even if he saw the can of formula.
Liberty tried to justify herself

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