Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 271

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 271 – Jessica said, “It takes both husband and wife to have a child.

You‘re not wrong to only pay for your half.” Of course, Hank felt that he was above any fault. He took a sip of wine and replied, “The Wiltspoon Hotel lives up to its name as the finest hotel. The red wine here is more exceptional than what we usually have.”

Jessica responded with a smile, “Well, considering the event, I wouldn‘t expect any less. It‘s a pity that only small–time CEOs and elites of our field
are here. Major CEOs like Mr. Stone and Mr. York aren‘t attending.” She would love to check out an influential man like Mr. York again.

Jessica stumbled upon the man of the hour the last time. Alas, she could not get a look at Mr. York‘s face. She wondered if Mr. York was as distinguished,
aloof, and handsome as described in the rumors. “We‘ll always have the chance to meet people like Mr. York and Mr. Stone in the future.”

Hank consoled Jessica. It was a situation he found regrettable, more so than Jessica, as he was the young professional while she was merely his
secretary. If he could have a quick word with a man like Mr. York,

Hank could expect to jump ship to a better opportunity, perhaps even work at York Corporation. “Hank, I hope you can be a big CEO someday too.” Jessica dreamed about Hank flying solo and being his own boss with his own company.

She would edge out Liberty and become Mrs. Brown, the wife of a CEO. Hank grinned and answered, “I‘ll be my own boss when I establish enough network and capital.”

The pair enjoyed a good chat and laughed for a bit before saying hello to acquaintances in the room to talk shop. Jessica remained by Hank‘s side, chiming in occasionally when Hank talked business with others.

She believed that Liberty‘s appearance would be an eyesore to others if the latter were here tonight. Liberty would be a bad reflection on Hank as people would mock Hank for having such a fat and ugly wife. Besides, Liberty was out of touch with society and could no longer keep up with the times.

Even if Liberty were to attend the social event with Hank, she would not be able to get a word in on the business side of things. Liberty‘s career break might only be for three–odd years, but three years were enough to change many people and things in these rapid–developing

times. “Mr. Stevens, who‘s that young man there? Everyone seems to act nice to him.” Hank asked one of the CEOs who had a partnership with Waltham
Electronics. The young man Hank was looking at was none other than Shawn. Mr. Stevens watched as Shawn was in his element,

socializing with the crowd. Mr. Stevens remarked with a smile, “Ah, Mr. Brown. It must be your first time attending this kind of event. It makes sense why you wouldn‘t know him. I guess he‘s the most honorable guest tonight.

“He‘s Shawn Lowe, the successor of Lowe Enterprise. However, he hasn‘t taken over the company yet and is still in training, but he‘s the CEO‘s son, the young heir of the Lowes. Many people are being nice because they know who he is.

Nothing wrong with making nice with the future CEO of Lowe Enterprise.”Mr. Stevens explained, “Lowe Enterprise is no competition to York Corporation and Stone Group in Wilt spoon, but it‘s still a much bigger corporation than ours. The Lowes are quite an influential and rich family.

Shawn usually attends the upper society evets. Mr. Lowe probably arranged for him to come to tonight‘s event. “Since he‘s green in the business world, he needs to hone his people skills and network. We‘re professional elites in our field. Shawn will know the extent of o

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