Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 267

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 267 – Serenity smiled in embarrassment as she said,

“The next time I run into trouble I can’t deal with myself, I’ll give you that chance to perform.” If she could deal with it herself, she did not need him to do anything. So that she would not owe him anything. “What sort of things would you be unable to deal with yourself?”

Zachary asked. Serenity laughed. “Tons and tons of stuff. It’s just that I can’t think of anything right now. Mr. York, you can go and do your stuff.”
Zachary looked at her in silence for a long while, then said mildly, “I’m going back to the office then. What time are you closing up tonight?

I’ll come over and wait for you so we can go home together. I’m worried those trashy people will try and block your car again.”
“They won’t. It’s the kind of thing only Noah would do, being young and aggressive. They’ve already suffered a loss once,

so they won’t dare try a second time. They might look very aggressive, but they’re cowards to the bone. “You go ahead with your work. There’s no need to worry about me. I’m closing up very late tonight. I might also swing by my sister’s place before going home.”

To be honest, Serenity just did not want to go home with Zachary. “How’s Liberty’s job search going?” Zachary did not tell Serenity about Hank Brown’s affair. He would ask Josh to look into it, but Josh had not gotten back to him yet. It was best to hold his tongue while the situation was still unclear.

If it happened to be untrue, he would end up being the villain who destroyed Hank Brown and Liberty’s marriage.
At the mention of her sister’s job search, Serenity’s expression turned gloomy.

“My sister’s been going out every day looking for a job but hasn’t been able to find one yet. This is the first time I’m realizing it’s really hard to
get a job,” she said. Before her marriage, she had been considered a white–collar worker.

She had only left the industry for a little more than three years, but it was already so hard to make a return to it. Zachary consoled her.
“Take it slow. It’s not a good time to look for jobs now.” “I’m thinking if my sister really can’t get a job,

I’ll lend her money to start her own business or open her own shop or something. That way, she can take care of Sonny and earn some money at the same time.” “That’s an idea.” Zachary also thought that it might be a better idea for Liberty to start her own business because Sonny was still very young and needed his mother’s companionship and care.

“You should hurry and go back to work.” “Alright.” Zachary left with the depressing feeling that came with being chased away by his wife.
After he left, Serenity returned to her seat behind the counter, took out her craft materials, and started working on her crafts.

On the other end After dinner, Liberty carried her son with one hand and pushed the stroller out the door with the other After going downstairs,
she put her son in the stroller and pushed him in the direction of the outskirts of the community, intending to buy formula as well as diapers for her son.

“Hey, Liberty. Where are you going with Sonny?” On her way out, any acquaintances she ran into would greet Liberty and stop for a bit to play with
Sonny Liberty smiled and said, “I‘m going to buy formula and diapers.”

After the episode where Liberty chased her husband down five streets while wielding a knife, she became famous within the community.
Liberty was usually always smiling and looked like she had a good temper.

Everyone said that you could not tell from her usual smile that she was daring enough to chase her husband down five streets while wielding a knife. It was retaliation for her husband‘s abuse, but not many women would dare to do such a thing.

She became the topic of everyone‘s conversation after tea for a while. However, people remained polite when they ran into her. The people in the
community were more familiar with Liberty and her sister than Hank Brown, who they had met only a few times.

The thing was, whenever Hank Brown returned, he was always in a rush and did not have the leisure to make conversation with the people in the community. Lately, Liberty had lost some weight due to the stress of the job search. She knew in her heart that when she went for interviews,

the interviewers were internally disgusted by her obesity and ugliness. Liberty thought to herself that from tomorrow, she had to wake up early to go running in the mornings. She would work on finding a job while working on losing weight.

Even her own sister had advised her to lose weight–and it was not just because of her outer appearance. She was thinking more so for her health.
She was so fat that she was suffering from fatty liver disease.

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