Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 265

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 265 – “Come on, thank me. You’d better buy more gifts for me to thank me
profusely for saving your son’s life.”

Serenity’s words made the corners of the Hunt elders‘ mouths twitch. Abigail was so mad her eyes and veins seemed as if they were about to burst
out of her head, her expression grotesque. However, she still did not dare to raise her hand against Serenity.

A hint of a smile flashed in Zachary’s eyes as he watched how Serenity managed to rebut the elders into silence without even lifting a finger. This
woman was interesting! “Serenity.” Serenity’s eldest aunt Katelyn could not help but say, “We didn’t say you were at fault.

Noah was in the wrong. It’s just that you guys are cousins–very closely related, at that. We’re all one family. If there’s a conflict, we’ll deal with
it behind closed doors. As long as you told us about it, we’d have scolded him. There’s no need to put him in jail.

“We wanted to bail him out, but our request was denied. Did you say something to that backer of yours to make it so that we couldn’t bail him out?
Serenity, I know you and your sister hold a grudge against us because of what happened back then, but we’re a family after all.

And a family is mademup of its members, so let’s not involve outsiders in our family business.” 1 What she essentially meant was that Serenity should not tell her backer about everything and use her backer to suppress their family.

serenity felt that Zachary’s method of taking action directly was the right one. It simply was impossible to reason with these people. They kept thinking that just because she and Noah were cousins, even if Noah committed a crime, it should not be reported to the police for them to handle.

The said coldly, “Every time I hear you emphasize the blood relationship and the fact that we’re a ‘family‘, I feel like laughing. No wonder you guys can live such full lives. You guys are thick–skinned, shameless, and indecent enough to.

If someone is indecent enough, they’re invincible, and you guys are all invincible. “You know that I hate you guys, and yet you still come before me and try to lecture me using your position as elders? Aren’t you guys embarrassed?

I’m already giving you some respect, or else I’d have swept you out the door with my broom! What kind of elders are you? Pooh!”
Katelyn’s face rapidly turned red. “You hear that? I already told you guys long ago that we can’t be polite with her with that attitude of hers!

We need to teach her a lesson on behalf of her father! She has no respect for her elders! She’s bringing shame to her father!”
Abigail screamed. Serenity could not stand it anymore the moment they brought up her late father.

She immediately turned to grab the broom and holding it high, she chased her aunts and uncles out of her bookshop.
Talking to them was a waste of her saliva. “My father? My father?! You guys have the gall to bring up my father?!

How did he treat you guys when he was alive? When he died, how did you guys treat my sister and I? You should hurry and complain to my dad then. Tell him I have no respect for my elders! If you’re capable of it, get him to come back and scold me then! I’m telling you now,

other than my parents, none of you have the right to scold me, nor to stand before me and be an ‘elder‘!” Stuart Hunt and the lot of them were chased out of the shop by Serenity.

Serenity was still angry and continued to chase after them, scolding them as she chased them, which attracted many onlookers.

Serenity was not affected by the onlookers and continued to chase them and scold them until Stuart Hunt and the rest got into their car to hide.
They breathed a sigh of relief after the door closed behind them. Fortunately, they would run fast enough not to get hit by Serenity’s broom.

Not daring to stay any longer, they quickly started the car and drove off. Serenity held the broom in one hand and propped her other hand on her
waist as she scolded, As soon as my parents died,

you guys fought over the division of my parents‘ life insurance payout, seized the house built by my parents, and drove us sisters out of the village.

Over the many years, you guys didn’t even extend a helping hand to us. Now, you have the nerve to scold me and act like an elder?
She said this as a form of explanation to the crowd of onlookers so that her image as a beautiful woman would not be damaged.

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