Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 264

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 264 – Over the years, they would live a pampered life and had fattened up.

Even a little movement left them panting with exertion. They really could not afford to start a fight with Serenity and her husband,
especially since Serenity knew martial arts. It was a mystery how Liberty brought up her sister that she let Serenity learn martial arts.

Luckily, they had the foresight to take Serenity’s father’s life insurance payout for safekeeping, or else it might have been thoroughly wasted by Serenity
and her sister. “Serenity, you’d better not go too far! I’m telling you,

if you don’t get Noah out of jail and something happens to him in there, you’ll never hear the end of it from me! Don’t assume that I’d be afraid of you just because you have a husband now!”

Abigail yelled while pointing at Serenity. Zachary finished washing his hands and turned his head. With just a sweep of his sharp, icy gaze over her, Abigail’s curses immediately softened. She was pretty scared of this cold, taciturn man. “Serenity.”

Stuart Hunt finally spoke, “No matter what it is, it’s not right to raise your hand against someone. If you ask your husband to apologize to your aunt, as the elders, we won’t hold it‘ against you further.” “So you do know it’s not right to raise your hand against someone.

When Noah led a bunch of thugs, all carrying metal bars, to block my way in the middle of the night and threatened me to leave the car,
I was so scared back then. And when I got down, he made a move against me first. If it weren’t for my quick reactions,

hat metal bar of his would have hit me. How do you think I’d have ended up then?” The corner of Zachary’s mouth twitched when he heard Serenity say she was so scared then, but there was a hint of laughter in his eyes. Serenity continued, “He was in the wrong and I was only acting in self–

defense. How am I at fault? Now you guys have come here in a big group, at night, to accuse me and verbally abuse me. Do you think you’re justified in
doing that?” Stuart Hunt was rendered speechless.

After a moment, he said, “Serenity, we do know that Noah’s in the wrong, but aren’t you fine? You know martial arts, and Noah with his gang of people couldn’t even beat you. You’re perfectly fine.

What’s a little conflict between cousins? Since you’ve fought it out, just let it pass. Why did you have to involve the police? “Noah’s still a minor.
His detainment will greatly affect his future. You’re his cousin. Isn’t it a little too heartless of you to treat your own family like this?”

Serenity said coldly, “Don’t talk to me about family. If I was heartless, he wouldn’t have just been detained. And anyway, don’t you think it’s laughable
for you guys to chastise me for being heartless?

When have you guys ever been compassionate? When my parents died, do you remember how you treated my sister and I?

“Fifteen years ago, you guys personally severed any ties of family between you and my sister and I. So now, don’t come and talk to me about being
family!” Serenity walked forward to stand in front of Abigail, who glared at her fury, wishing she could burn her alive with her gaze.

Although she was very tempted to attack her, with Zachary‘s cold eyes pinned on her, Abigail was too much of a coward and in the end, did not dare to make a move. “You should be grateful.

Just think about it–your son‘s underage, but he‘s already got the gall to lead a bunch of thugs to block someone‘s road.

They didn‘t manage to get me because I know martial arts. But if I had been a weak, feeble woman and he‘d assaulted me and smashed up my car, and
even stolen my valuables and stuff, what do you think he‘d have become? “A robber. The crime of robbery is a very serious one.

He wouldn‘t only be detained–he‘d also have been sentenced to prison for quite a few years. Sure, he‘s a minor, but he‘s already reached the age of 16. If he breaks the law, he has to take responsibility for doing so.

“Now, this will teach him a lesson. Detaining him will make him understand what he did was illegal.

After he comes out, he‘ll know to restrain himself and he won‘t be like those crooks. He wouldn‘t dare to mess around in the future.
If this isn‘t saving him, what is?” Serenity spoke with reason and justification, and the elder Hunts unexpectedly had no way of refuting it.

She continued to say, “If it weren‘t for my taking into consideration the fact that we‘re still blood–related in the end, I wouldn‘t have saved him this time.
I‘d have just left him to it and not cared if he died.”

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