Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 263

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 263 – David Hunt was the first to react, and he immediately turned to run after his wife and check on her.

“Honey, are you alright?” Abigail was dragged out by Zachary and was pushed down to the ground without pain, but she looked like a wretch and felt like Zachary had held her face down and rubbed it against the ground “Are you dead? Is this how you act as my husband?

You didn‘t even stop him when he dragged me out of the shop! You didn‘t help me either and just watched him bully me, drag me out,
and push me to the ground!” Abigail immediately pushed her husband away and started yelling at him while pointing at him after he helped her up.

“After bullying my kid, you‘re now bullying me! Is there any reason in this world? God, open your eyes and see. Strike these unfilial and vicious people
who are disrespectful to their elders down with thunder!” David Hunt was the youngest of his brothers and sisters and had always been doted on by his parents and older siblings.

And after his wife married him, he was doted on by his wife‘s family too. Although he was the poorest among the Hunts, with his siblings‘ help,
he still managed to build his own villa. Abigail had not suffered any sort of hardship since marrying into the Hunt family.

She had never suffered such a disgrace before, so when she did, she naturally started scolding them loudly. She wanted to draw the attention of passers–by and proclaim Serenity‘s evil deeds to the world to show everyone just how arrogant Serenity was to be so unreasonable toward her own aunts and uncles.

David Hunt knew his wife well, having been married for many years. He hurriedly covered his wife‘s mouth, and growled wth quite a bit of
exasperation, “What are you yelling for? Did you think Serenity would feel embarrassed if people came to look? Think about what our son has done.

“If we‘re filmed and the video was posted on the internet, we‘d be the ones who‘d be embarrassed! It wasn‘t easy to get off the trending section.
Now that we finally have some peace, you want to make a fuss and get onto the trending section again?”

The sticking point was Serenity still had someone backing her. David Hunt was very angry too, seeing his wife treated that way by Zachary.
No matter which way you cut it, they were still Serenity‘s elders, and since Zachary was Serenity‘s husband, they were his elders too.

They could forgiven being called by their familial titles, but Zachary had dragged his wife out like a dog just because she scolded him a little, and even said he would dirtied his hands doing so! David Hunt was so angry he wanted to fight Zachary Thinking of the way they had not managed to benefit in any way after getting

involved with Serenity and her sister and how Serenity posted in reply to them on the internet about the reason why she was unfilial, resulting in the sudden change of public opinion turning against them. Even when they hired bots, they were unable to turn the tide.

Following that, the entire family suffered attacks and accusations from the netizens. The few days they trended the highest fet like years to the Hunts,
having thoroughly tasted the power of online violence. Now that they finally had some peace, David Hunt did not want to repeat the experience. In addition, the problem was, they were the unreasonable ones!

Abigail’s curses lowered in volume. She swiftly rushed into the shop once again like a mad woman. David Hunt and his siblings hurriedly tried to hold her back and block her, terrified that she would raise her hand against Serenity and her husband on impulse.

Noah Hunt led a group of thugs to block Serenity’s way, but they had not managed to harm even a hair on Serenity’s head–let alone these older

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