Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 261

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 261 – Zachary’s expression immediately returned to its usual ice–cold state.

He walked out from behind the counter with a perfectly calm expression. Serenity stood up straight and smoothed her slightly mssy hair.
She cursed Zachary a hundred times over in her heart when she saw Zachary act like nothing just happened.

Then, she sat down, waiting for the trash to roll in. The only people who would yell at her like that had to be her trashy relatives.
Not even a minute had passed when David Hunt and his wife entered in a threatening manner.

Following behind them were Serenity’s four aunts and uncles. The corners of Serenity’s mouth rose upward. It looked like they were all in
attendance. David Hunt and his wife rushed in and were about to rush toward Serenity who was sitting behind the counter
when Zachary blocked their way.

Zachary was tall and handsome but was extremely cold and aloof. Just standing there, his body exuded a cold and noble aura that made others feel
small in comparison and subconsciously feel like retreating. Facing the cold and aloof Zachary, David Hunt and his wife both had a shock.

They instinctively took two steps backward. “W–who are you? Are you trying to frighten us by standing there?!” David Hunt demanded.
Zachary just glanced at him and pursed his lips, not saying a word. He did not want to lower himself to speak with trash.

“Hubby, c–could he be that brat’s husband? The one surnamed York.” Abigail whispered to her husband. They only found out from the villagers that Serenity was married. They had not seen Serenity’s husband before.

The villagers had told them that Serenity’s husband was really good–looking but looked like he had a bad personality. His gaze was as piercing as a knife
and it made him seem like a bad person. He was not involved with the mafia, was he?

When Abigail thought of this, she quickly grabbed her husband’s arm and hid behind him.

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