Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 258

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 258 – “If you want to, we can take a weekend trip to the seaside too and have seafood
freshly caught from the sea.”

This was Zachary’s first time suggesting that they take a weekend trip. “It’s already November.” “As long as the sun behaves normally, November in Wilt spoon is still hot, especially during the day. It’s even more suitable to go to the seaside for a holiday then. It won’t be too cold nor will it be too hot.”

Serenity rubbed her stomach. “We can talk about this later. I can’t be sure now that I won’t have something else on that weekend.”
Zachary gave a hum in response. As he cleared the table and brought the dishes into the kitchen to wash them,

he heard his great and mighty wife remind him, “Don’t pour too much dishwashing liquid in and end up filling the sink with bubbles.”
Zachary kept a straight face and did not respond. After ten minutes, Zachary was done with the dishes.

Having looked in the fridge earlier, he knew there were some fruits in the fridge. He washed a fruit plate and took out some of each type of fruit from the
fridge. He washed the fruits before cutting them into pieces and arranging them on the plate.. After putting a few toothpicks onto the plate,

he walked out of the kitchen while. carrying the fruit plate. “Have some fruits.” He put the fruit plate on the counter. Serenity was speechless for a moment. “Are you actually trying to make me so full I’ll burst?” Zachary lightly poked her forehead. “Don’t you know how to go out for a walk
to help. with digestion?”

The entrance to Wilt spoon School was so wide, and there was a long double–lane road by it. It was also next to a big river. If she just walked one
lap along the road, which was also the riverside, she would be able to ease her digestion.

Serenity was surprised by his sudden intimate action and instinctively raised her hand to smack his away, but he withdrew his hand before that could
happen. She smacked the air instead. “We should go out for a walk in a bit.” Serenity sat up straight and asked,

“Don’t you have a business engagement tonight?” “There was one tonight, but Nana insisted that I come over to eat with you, so I had to call it off.”
Embarrassed, Serenity said, “I didn’t ask Nana to do that, okay?”

Her relationship with Grandma May was good. She married him in the first place because of her.

Worried that he would think she was manipulating Grandma May, Serenity tried to explain. Zachary looked at her with keen, dark eyes, and said gently, “I know it wasn’t your intention.” Nana was giving him an out. Serenity looked at the time and saw that it was just past seven.

“It’s still early. What time was your business engagement originally? You can still go do your thing.” Zachary was silent.
The moment he stopped talking, the lines of his face would tense up tightly. It made him look especially serious and cold.

His thin lips pursed into a line, as tightly as a clam. There was a saying that men with thin lips were ungrateful. Whether or not he would be ungrateful, Serenity had no idea, but she knew he was cold hearted and just as unfriendly towards younger members of the opposite sex.

If it were not for her fateful encounter with Nana where she helped Nana, which led to Nana’s gratitude, and without Zachary being extremely filial
toward his Nana, he would have definitely treated her much worse than this. No, he would not even have married her in the first place.

Zachary met Serenity’s gaze and the two of them looked at each other. “Serenity, do you dislike being alone with me that much?”
When Zachary asked that, his tone was low, and his gaze toward Serenity seemed to spark with a dangerous gleam.

“Do you like being alone with me?” Serenity asked him in return. Zachary was silent again. His silence gave Serenity her answer.
She did not mind either way and took out her phone to watch videos. She said, “Mr. York, if you’re really busy, go ahead with your business.

I’m used to watching the shop by myself.” To be honest, she really was not used to Zachary being here and accompanying her.
Zachary’s expression darkened. She was chasing him away!

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