Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 257

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 257 – Despite Zachary having said there was no need to get anything else to eat,

Serenity still ordered two freshly cooked dishes and two portions of white rice to go. After paying for the food, she walked out of the restaurant carrying the packed food and got into her car. Ring, ring, ring… Her phone started ringing again.

This time, the call was from Zachary. Shawn came and went, but Zachary was overly sensitive about it, so he could not resist. making a call to Serenity.
“I’m coming back now,” Serenity immediately said without waiting for Zachary to speak first, and promptly hung up.

Zachary, who was almost immediately hung up on by his wife, looked at his phone in silence for a long while. He knew Serenity was still mad at him in her heart. The two of them had not actually made up. Their current situation was only due to Nana’s interference and out of respect for her.

Serenity did indeed return to the bookshop in a jiffy. “Have the leftovers been heated up? We can eat now.” Serenity asked Zachary who was seated behind the counter as she walked in, carrying the packed food. “It’s done.”

Seeing that she had returned, Zachary immediately stood up and walked out from behind the counter. He walked into the kitchen to grab plates and
utensils for them and then returned to the kitchen to bring out the heated food.

Serenity placed the packed food on the counter. Zachary saw that there were new dishes. and said, “Did I not say there wasn’t a need to get anything
else?” “I was worried you wouldn’t be used to eating leftovers, so I got two dishes, especially for you.

The food from his restaurant is pretty good. When I get takeout, I order it from this restaurant often.” Hearing that the two dishes were specially ordered for him, Zachary’s gaze on her deepened. For the pair of husband and wife to get along, he was putting in the effort, and so was she.

He was changing, bit by bit, and so was she. “Oh, right. There was a guy who came by looking for you earlier. He called me brother in–law.”
Zachary seemed to say nonchalantly as he helped scoop some rice forSerenity. “He said he was looking for you for something.

When I asked him what it was, he didn’t say and didn’t even stay two minutes longer before leaving. Did he call you? Was it an urgent matter?”
Serenity did not hide the truth from him and said, “That was Shawn. It wasn’t anything urgent. I asked him to ask Jasmine for help because I couldn’t help
him with whatever he needed.”

Zachary did not say anything more. The pair of them descended into silence for a short moment. After a pause, Zachary still decided to ask.
“What did he ask for your help with?” Serenity put a peeled prawn into her mouth. This was from the leftovers when Zachary peeled the whole plate of prawns.

Sonny could not eat that much, so there was still half a plate of it left. She loved eating prawns. She loved all kinds of seafood.
“He’s going to attend the business reception at Wiltspoon Hotel in a while and he needed a female companion.

He wanted to invite me to go with him, but I rejected him. I’m a married woman now.” After Serenity said that, she gave Zachary a look.
Zachary knew what she meant by those words. His expression remained composed. He did not eat less just because his wife gave him at look.

erenity’s honesty made him feel much better, and he felt like he had a particularly good appetite. He ate the two dishes Serenity had specially
ordered for him with great relish. The two of them ate up all of the food.

After the meal, Serenity was about to clear the table when Zachary stood up and did it first. “I’ll do it. You should sit and have a rest,” “You make it sound like you’re afraid I’m about to burst.” Zachary smiled, what a rare sight. “I really am afraid you ate so much you’ll burst.”

“The seafood can’t be kept. It doesn’t taste good after the first meal, let alone overnight. We have to finish it and not waste it. Seafood is pretty expensive right now. You might be earning a lot, but we should still be saving where we can.

Zachary laughed. “I can still afford to take care of you. If you like eating seafood, we can buy it for ourselves after this.” “
All the seafood Ms. Stone gave us is fresh. She brought it back specially from the seaside.

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