Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 256

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 256 – Zachary only came out of the bathroom when he heard Shawn’s footsteps fade into the distance.

and He was thankful for two things right then and there. One for Nana calling him over, two for himself resisting his pride and taking the out that Nana
offered him. Otherwise, Shawn would have the chance to be alone with Serenity.

Shawn walked out of the bookshop, got into his car, and drove away. However, just as he reached a junction, he stopped his car and called
Serenity. Serenity quickly picked up his call. “What’s up, Shawn? ”Serenity, are you free later? Around 7:30 pm.”

“Why?” Serenity did not say if she was free but instead straightforwardly asked him why. Shawn hesitated before saying, “I have to attend a business reception at Wilt spoon. Hotel in a while.

I need a female companion. You know me, I don’t have a girlfriend yet, so I wanted to ask for your help to accompany me to the reception.”

“Get Jasmine to go with you. I’m not free. My husband’s still waiting in the bookshop. to have dinner with me.” Serenity rejected his invitation without a
second thought. She saw Shawn as a younger brother, but Zachary misunderstood her and thought she was treating Shawn as a backup partner.

Although she had no intention to do so, she would still minimize the chances of her being alone with Shawn, or even better, if there were not any at all.
Speaking of which, the last time she treated Shawn to a meal, Jasmine was there too.

They were not alone together, but Zachary still managed to misunderstand after seeing them and thinking she was cheating on him with Shawn.
That really pissed her off.

Why was it that in Zachary’s eyes, she was someone who could not wait to find her next partner? Shawn felt uncomfortable in his heart upon hearing Serenity bring up her husband, but he did not show it and proceeded to beg. “Serenity, are you really going to eat dinner all the way till seven o’clock later?

Please help me out. Jas always has something going on at night. She can’t help me with this.” “Must you have a female companion? I don’t need until 7 pm to have my dinner, but I still have to watch the shop.

And anyway, I’m married. Shawn, I’ve always treated you as my younger brother, but in others‘ eyes, we’re not blood– related.

“If I were to accompany you to this business reception, what would they think of us?” Shawn knew Serenity did not see him as a man at all and only did think of him as a younger brother. That did not stop Shawn from feeling hurt to hear her actually say it out loud,

that she only saw him as a younger brother. If only he had known earlier that Serenity needed a man to get into a shotgun marriage with, he would definitely have helped her. Unfortunately, there was no such thing.

Serenity was probably put off by the fact that he was three years younger than her. She had never considered him as an option and would rather marry
a stranger than him!

Shawn understood that in his heart, but still could not help but hope. Jas had said that Serenity and her husband had signed an agreement and would divorce after half a year.

Once she was divorced, he would definitely confess his feelings to her. “Serenity, that’s just what they think. Who cares what they say? Our
consciences are clear.” Serenity was silent for a moment before she said with complete honesty,

“Shawn, my husband minds a lot if I’m spending time alone with other men.” Shawn might really have just been looking for a female companion and did not mean anything else by it, but Serenity had to drill into Shawn’s head that she was now a married woman!

and they Serenity had started to After having argued with Zachary and having experienced the cold war could not even be considered to have made up at this moment pay attention to her proximity to men. Shawn was speechless. “Shawn, I’m going to start driving, so I’ll hang up now.

If you really need someone to go with you, get Jas to go. What could she have tonight? Isn’t it just watching dramas? If you just mention it to her, she’d definitely help you with this.” – Jasmine Sox was actually a hermit.

At night, she loved to stay at home watching dramas and reading novels on her phone. Serenity proceeded to hang up.

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