Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 254

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 254 – “Serenity, what’s all this?” Cullum had detected the smell of seafood.
“It’s seafood. A friend of mine brought it back after holidaying by the beach.

She gave me a lot. They’re all fresh, and your brother and I can’t eat that much, so I’m giving some to you guys to bring home and eat.”
Cullum stole a glance at his nana. Seeing that she was not declining it, he said, “This is a lot.”

Seafood was something their family lacked the least. However, since it was given to him by his sister–in–law, he best helped bring them home.
“Nana, don’t forget to give everyone a portion to try.” Serenity had meticulously prepared a portion for each family unit,
contained in individual nets.

After getting home, all Grandma May had to do was to hand it out portion by portion. They were equally divided. “Alright, I will.”
Grandma May waited for Callum to put the seafood in the trunk before getting in the car. She then said to Serenity,

“Serenity, I texted Zack earlier, telling him to come over and eat with you before going back to the company to work.
“He should already be on his way over. Callum works at the same company and Callum’s already here.

You should hurry and make dinner. You don’t have to send us. off.” Serenity was speechless for a moment. “Nana, you should have said so
earlier. I was planning to heat up the leftovers from lunch and there’s only enough for myself.”

“If you start preparing dinner now, you’ll still make it in time. Go on! Zack always works super late. Cook a few extra dishes for him and make sure he
fills his stomach,” Grandma May said. Serenity could not say no to Grandma May’s face.

After sending her off, Serenity was left alone in the bookshop. She hurriedly picked up her phone to text Zachary to tell him not to come
over because she was too lazy to cook for him, but only remembered that she had deleted his number after opening her messages.

No, wait! He deleted her number first. After thinking about it, Serenity decided to unblock Zachary’s number. If Zachary’s phone number had a soul,
it would have thought, ‘After gettinglocked into the darkness, I can finally see the light again.‘ Serenity then called Zachary.

His phone rang. Right at the doorstep of her bookshop. Zachary picked up her call anyway. The fact that she called him had let him
know that she had unblocked him. “Serenity. ”Zachary’s voice was rich, low, and had a magnetism to it.

serenity thought to herself that if she had a voice fetish, she would definitely all hard for Zachary after hearing his voice.
Luckily, she did not have a voice fetish, but that did stop her from liking the sound of his voice.

“What’s up? ”I wanted to tell you not to come over anymore. I’m too lazy to cook again, but since you’re already here, forget it. I’ll go get a
portion of white rice takeaway and heat up the leftovers from lunch. We’ll just make do for this meal.”

Serenity came out of her shop and hung up when she saw Zachary. “Do you want anything else to eat? I’ll help get some takeout of whatever you
want to eat.” Zachary moved the phone away from his ear and stuffed it into his trouser pocket.

He did his best to make his expression a little gentler and his voice alittle less cold. “Just a portion of white rice is enough. There’s no need to
get anything else.” “Alright. Are you in a rush to go back to work?

If not, help me look after the shop for a bit. I’ll head over to the restaurant nearby to get the rice.

Help me heat up the food too.” Zachary was silent for a while before he gloomily agreed. “Okay.” In order to make up with his wife,
the great Zachary York had to eat leftovers.

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