Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 252

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 252 – “Want to come along?”

No matter where it was, wherever Zachary lived, there would be a large collection of fine wines. “No, thanks. I’m scared of getting drunk again.
When you get drunk, you have your wife to take care of you. I am but a single dog. No one would take care of me even if I got alcohol poisoning and died.”

“You make yourself seem so pitiful. You could go on a blind date too and have a shotgun. marriage to get a wife to take care of you.”
Josh chuckled. “With you as a precedent, I think I’d better obediently wait for my fate to come around.”

“What’s wrong with me? I’m doing just fine!” “Sure, sure. You’re doing just fine. So much so that your expression hasn’t warmed a single degree for the past few days. Your work efficiency has increased a lot, but you’ve made life harder for those under you.

these few days, more and more people have automatically volunteered to work overtime even into the wee hours.”
York Corporation would not force its employees to work overtime. As long as they managed to finish their work,

they not only did not have to work overtime, they could. even get off work early. However, if their work was not done by the day, they would work overtime on their own accord because that day’s work could not be put off to the next day.

Due to the cold war with his wife, Zachary was in a bad mood and directed all of his attention to his work. He was originally already a fast worker, but when all of his attention was focused on his work, his efficiency grew by leaps and bounds. This had him manage to finish three days‘ worth of work in a day.

And so the life of those under him was made harder. “Mr. Chaplin’s been so busy he hasn’t even had time to have a drink of water.”
Zachary put down his pen. “Have they been complaining to you?” In York Corporation, Zachary, as the CEO, was naturally a figure feared and
respected by everyone.

When the employees had complaints, they would only dare to make them to Josh, because Josh had some degree of compassion and was not cold and aloof like Zachary. Plus, Zachary trusted Josh and relied on him heavily, and they were good friends too.

Telling Josh was equivalent to letting Zachary know. “No, but I have eyes. Zachary, just listen to me and you’ll be fine. Tonight, buy
a present to go home to coax your wife.” Josh inwardly thought with great disdain that if Zachary was like this every day, he would not be able to stand it either.

Even he had to fight for the chance to catch his breath. As he said that, he picked up the copper wire tree for a look. Zachary had displayed it on his table. Josh knew that it was given to Zachary by his wife and the reason it was displayed there was that Zachary had fallen for Serenity.

But others who had no idea of this would blindly decide to follow the trend and help Serenity’s business. Of course, Zachary, that stubborn and tight–lipped man, would never admit that.

Josh did not want Zachary to admit that he had fallen for Serenity too quickly either because that would mean there would be no show to watch anymore.

It was just too much fun watching the awkward Zachary. Zachary thought, ‘I have bad friends.‘ “If you’re that bored, there’s something I need your help to look into.” Josh immediately waved his hands as a “no“. “I’m so busy! Really, I’m not bored at all. What do you need help with?”

He was a terrible scandalmonger, and that was how Zachary managed to et him in the palm of his hands. “Help me look into Hank Brown of Waltham Electronics. He’s a manager in Waltham who’s deeply trusted by his boss.” “Why, are you planning on poaching him? No, wait.

That name’s kind of familiar. I think he’s… Oh! He’s that brother–in–law of yours, right?” Josh had a good memory and recalled it right away.
He did not want to know too much. It was not his fault that his boss asked him to look. into things all the time!

He only knew about it because he had no other choice. “It is him. I suspect he’s having an affair. Get your people to compile the
evidence of his affair and pass it to me. Don’t let too many people know about this, I’m not 100% sure about this either.”

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