Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 251

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 251 – In the evening, when the work day was about to end, Josh knocked on the
door to the CEO’s office and entered, carrying a stack of documents in his arms.

Zachary raised his head and eyed him for a second before he returned to his work. After Josh sat down, Zachary remarked, “What use is your secretary?”
“She’s pregnant! I’m being considerate of her. I don’t want her to run back and forth. and tire herself out. Her husband might come looking for me then.

So I did it myself.” Josh placed the stack of documents in front of his good friend. “I’ve looked through them. There’s no problem with them, so you just have to sign them.” After he set the documents down, he got up to pour himself a glass of warm water.

He sat back down and proceeded to drink his water while looking at the man sitting opposite him. Zachary was extremely handsome.
Even if his face was tense all day in a cold and serious expression, it wasn’t enough to mask his handsome exterior.

In this age and day where looks were everything, girls and young women would fall for him without fail once they glimpsed at him a few times.
Maybe there was an exception, and that was their Mrs. CEO. Josh admired Serenity, hands down. In just a little more than a month,

she had managed to coach the most thoroughly iron–hard tree of York Corporation that was their CEO into flowering buds, and it even seemed like the buds were about to bloom. And more importantly, Serenity had not fallen for Zachary. How did she manage to protect her heart?

Zachary treated her pretty well. Those admirers out there only had a glimpse of Zachary a few times but could not forget him for years after, like Elisa
Stone! She was just like that. After being unable to get over him for a few years, she tried to pursue him.

On the other hand, you had Zachary treating Serenity so well and even making many exceptions for her, but Serenity could still protect her heart and
remained unmoved. That was the part that Josh admired her for. “What are you looking at?”

Zachary had not raised his head, but he knew his friend was staring at him. “Looking at your handsome face, duh! Zachary, you really are handsome.
You’re just bad–tempered and aloof. If you were the gentle and considerate type, people might think you were a woman.

If you were a woman, how could anyone else go on? But if you were a woman, I’d do anything to cling to you and marry you.”
Zachary flipped through the documents Josh had brought and studied them carefully.

After making sure there really were not any problems with the documents, only then. did he sign off on them.

“Isn’t there a business reception tonight?” “Yeah. Are you planning to go? If you are, the organizer would probably dance in joy for a month and brag about it for the next ten years.” The business reception that was being held at Wilt spoon Hotel that night could not be considered a high–level reception. The invitees were middlemanagement at big corporations or bosses of smaller companies.

Someone like Zachary, who was at the top of the top, would never take part in a business reception like that of tonight. Of course, if Zachary wanted to go, he could. “If you want to go, I’ll get Mr. Murray to wait for you.” Mr. Murray was a manager of one of the subsidiary companies under York Corporation.

Josh had arranged for him to take part in the reception after he analyzed the invitation sent to York Corporation by the organizer.
That was because the subsidiary Mr. Murray was managing had just opened recently and still needed to network to get business.

Taking part in a business reception and getting to know some of these old managers would smoothen the road before him even if he could not get their business. “I’m not going. I was just asking.” Zachary rarely attended gatherings held by the upper crust, let alone a business.

reception like that. He just wanted to go to the hotel to have a drink. “You have something on your mind, or else you wouldn’t have brought it up
out of nowhere.” “I want to have a drink or two,” Zachary said nonchalantly. He had a presidential suite exclusively for his use at the Wilt spoon Hotel,
located on the top floor.

In the past, if the socializing ran late, he would not return home and just stay in the hotel.

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