Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 24

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 24 – “I saw you made a transaction in a clothing store. Did you buy
clothes? What did you get for it to amount to a thousand bucks? Can’t you cut
down on your spending? Do you think | have it easy making money?

“| have a house mortgage, car loan, and my parents’ living allowance to think
about. Sonny needs milk powder and diapers too! It’s not like you’re contributing
to the expenses. I’m on my own. Can’t you reduce the expenditure and be a
little understanding of me?”

Liberty stopped walking and waited until her husband was done playing the
blame game before explaining to him, “Seren said her husband will be back on
Friday. The families will meet and have dinner on Saturday. As Seren’s fam

hope the meeting will go well. The clothes | have don’t fit me anymore, so |
bought two dresses.

“| also bought you a new suit and tie. Hank, we’ll have to skip going to your
mom’s this weekend.”

Following her clarification, Hank murmured something under his breath. Unable
to catch what he said, Liberty asked, “Come again, Hank?”

“Nothing. Sure, we must dress well to meet the family, but you didn’t have to get
two outfits. One’s enough. Hurry up and get on a diet. It’s time you lose some
weight so you can put on the old clothes. You have some nice ones. It’s a
shame you can’t wear them anymore.

“Look at you. All you do is eat, sleep, and spend. Are you a pig? At least a pig
can be sold for its meat. You’re a worthless pig.”

Reflecting on his wife’s chunky figure, Hank did not hide the disdain in his tone.

When it came to getting intimate, Hank would not even touch his wife unless he
had a hard time keeping it in his pants.

The savvy, hot, and beautiful Liberty before was long gone!

It never occurred to him that the three short years of marriage turned his wife
into a whale! His mom and sister were right about Liberty pigging out. It was not
like she was earning an income. Liberty brought nothing to the table.

“Mr. Brown.”

As Hank’s secretary entered the office and greeted him with a sweet voice,
Hank immediately told his wife, “Liberty, | need to get back to work. Hurry home

and make dinner. | don’t want to come home without a meal ready. God kn

what you’re up to every day at home.”

After chewing his wife out, Hank terminated the call before Liberty could say her

“Mr. Brown, please go through this document and sign if everything’s in place.”
The young secretary slipped a document toward Hank.

“Sure.” Hank took the document for a look and put his signature on the verified
papers. He handed the papers back to the secretary, together with a Tiffany box
he pulled out from the

drawer. Hank gave the secretary a smoldering gaze and said,” Jess, | was
passing by the jeweler on my way home from closing a deal last night. | went
and got you a gold necklace. What do you think?”

Jessica took the Tiffany box and opened it. It was indeed a gold necklace. With
a smile across her face, she pulled the necklace out of the box.

Getting up, Hank walked around the desk and came behind her. He grabbed the
necklace from her hands and said thoughtfully,” Let me help you with that.”


Hank put the gold necklace on Jessica and kissed her cheek before paying her
a compliment. “Beautiful. The necklace looks good on you.”

Getting on her feet, Jessica turned around and wrapped her arms around his
neck. She pulled in for a kiss on his cheek and coyly expressed her gratitude,
“Thank you, Mr. Brown. | love the necklace.”

“Call me Hank when no one’s around.”

Hank pulled her close in his arms as his somewhat handsome face revealed his
animalistic desire. He drew close to her ear and whispered something.

Jessica immediately pushed him away while pouting her lips.” You have a wife
and kid. We agreed on a platonic relationship and nothing else.”

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