Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 223

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 223 – The driver turned his head to look at Zachary in the backseat.

When he saw Zachary’s cold expression, he quickly turned his head around and eyes back on the road.
He was careful with the speed of the car, following the missus’ car from a decent distance.

Jim thought of the most important question and turned to ask Zachary, “Mr. Zachary, where are you returning tonight?”
‘Mr. Zachary stayed in Regent Residences yesterday, but he’s following Missus today.

Is he going back to Bryn field?’ Zachary was silent. After a while, he said, “Go back to Regent Residences, but. ” He looked at the familiar
car in front of him without saying a word. They silently escorted Serenity’s car back to Bryn field before he returned to his villa.

Jim was a smart man and instantly saw through Zachary’s thoughts, so he told the driver the details. Serenity knew that there was a
car following her, which was Zachary’s, but Wilt spoon was a big city so there were many cars on the road even late at night.

However, even if she saw luxury cars, she would not know that they belonged to Zachary. When she reached a traffic light intersection,
seven or eight youths standing by the roadside suddenly rushed out, and Serenity slammed on the brakes.

ee SCSCSCSC‘(‘CCC(étététldSs Just as she was about to hit them, the car stopped in time She broke out ina cold sweat and took a
while to come back to her senses. Knock! Knock! One of the youths tapped on her car window.

Serenity thought she had hit one of them after all. She quickly wound down the window, only to see the face of her youngest cousin,
“It’s you?” She frowned. “Do you have a death wish? Do you know what would’ve happened if | didn’t brake in time? If you want to die,
please go somewhere far away.

Don’t dirty my wheels. ” Her youngest cousin, Noah Hunt, was only a teenager. He was at an age where rebellion and ignorance were
at their peaks. Last time, her cousins went to her store to talk about reconciliation.

Noah was particularly arrogant and said that he would smash up her store. However, tonight, he brought a group of youngsters of
around the same age as he was to block her car. Were they trying to cause trouble? “So what if it’s me? Get out of the car,

Serenity! If you don’t, Ill smash your car! You have money to buy a new car, but you won’t help Grandma pay her medical bills.
Do you know how much she spent on her hospitalization?” Noah was young and exuberant.

He did not know much about the past. He only knew that after his grandmother got sick, this cousin of his never
visited the old woman in the hospital and refused to pay for the medical bills. His parents said that Serenity and
her sister should have paid the money for Grandison’s treatment.

Liberty had no money, but Serenity did. Look, she even bought a new car that was worth more than one hundred thousand dollars.
She was rich enough to buy a car, but she refused to help his grandmother pay for medical expenses.

When his brothers wrote a blog post accusing Serenity, she spouted nonsense and purposefully misled public scrutiny, causing the ignorant
netizens to accuse them instead. That caused his eldest brother’s business to drop, and his second brother was suspended from work.

Even his parents’ and other brothers’ jobs were affected. Noah was furious. When they took the initiative to reconcile with Serenity,
she refused to forgive them. He wanted to smash her bookstore that day but was stopped by his cousins.

In the past few days, he heard his parents muttering about the need to get a sum of money to pay for his grandmother’s medical bills.
They complained that it would cost a lot of money to treat her.

When Noah remembered that all this was caused by Serenity’s unwillingness to pay, he gathered a bunch of his friends.
They loitered around her bookstore during the day and memorized her car license plate number.

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