Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 209

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 209 – Zachary grabbed Serenity’s hands and pinned them down next to her head.

He swooped in for a kiss to seal her lips shut. The kiss was everything but gentle. He seemed to be venting his anger.
Zachary forcibly bit Serenity. Serenity was agitated by his behavior and angrily bit his lips back until he was bleeding.

Finally, Zachary let go of her when he felt the pain. While he was dumbstruck, Serenity quickly pushed him to the floor.
She sprung up to retreat a few steps before looking at him defensively. Zachary got up slowly and wiped the blood from his lips.

His expression was dismal. “Zachary, what the hell is wrong with you? You went crazy after a few glasses of wine!” Zachary stared at her gloomily.
He said coldly, “Serenity, let me ask you again. Were you really at your sister’s house today?” “I was at my sister’s house…”

Serenity suddenly stopped mid-sentence. Zachary sneered. “What, you remember now? You and Shawn were eating lunch at Grace’s
Diner, talking and laughing. You even served him some dishes. You two look intimate, more like a married couple than the two of us are.

Serenity, I told you that you can’t cheat on me during the period of our contracted marriage. You should’ve behaved yourself!
“My patience is limited. The next time this happens again, don’t blame me for being rude to you!” Serenity finally understood.

No wonder Zachary went crazy. It turned out that he saw her having lunch with Shawn. Zachary was also of the mind that Serenity
wanted Shawn to be her next boyfriend, so he doubted her and wanted to take revenge on her.

Usually, Zachary stayed away from Serenity like she was a pervert, but tonight, it turned out that his male ego was acting up.
Serenity touched her lips. The spot where he bit her was still hurting “You saw me and Shawn having lunch?” Zachary said nothing.

“Didn’t you see Jasmine was there too? Why are you being paranoid to assume that about Shawn and I? We grew up together and I have always
treated him as a younger brother. What’s wrong with me serving him a few of his favorite dishes?

“I’ve known Shawn for more than ten years, so we do talk and laugh when we’re together. After all, we’ve been good friends for more than a decade.
I grew up with him, and he treats me as a sister, so being with him definitely makes me feel happier and more at ease than I am with you.

“And how long have I known you? It’s only been a month. Even if we’re husband and wife, it’s only on paper. How can you compare to him?
“Zachary, I’ve told you that I won’t look for another boyfriend.

Shawn and I did nothing immoral, and it’s up to you to believe it or not! I don’t need to keep explaining myself to you.

As you said, as long as I don’t cheat on you, we won’t interfere in each other’s private affairs!” After Serenity explained herself,
she turned around and left. She did not want to deal with this egomaniac.

Zachary interrogated her without clarifying and suspected that she cheated on him. He even took revenge on her and kissed her
forcibly because of his male ego. After getting along for a month, how did she not notice that he had such a bad side?

Even when Zachary was a little grim on his usual days, he was still a polite gentleman. When Serenity encountered difficulties,
Zachary would also help her to solve those problems.

Zachary exposed his bad side right when Serenity changed her mind about him and considered whether she should try harder to
build a relationship with him as husband and wife.

Tonight’s incident would make her rethink her idea. Forget it. She did not want to think about him anymore. They were just a married
couple on paper who lived together. When the time was up, they would go their separate ways.

Bang! Serenity slammed the door shut, expressing her anger at Zachary. Zachary turned around and saw the glass of honey water.
In a fit of rage, he swept the glass of honey water to the floor.

The glass shattered. Serenity heard the commotion from her room but did not go out to check on him.

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