Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 207

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 207 – There was no reply from Zachary, so Serenity said to her sister, “Zachary’s
probably having a good time with his friends.

He didn’t reply to my message yet.” “You don’t have to come here tomorrow. Spend some quality time with Zachary.”
Liberty had a failed marriage, so she hoped her sister’s marriage would be better and longer than her own.

She approved of Zachary as her brother-in-law because he was genuinely kind to her sister and was more generous than Hank.
Although Liberty had known Hank for a long time, Hank was reluctant to buy her a scooter even when he had ample savings.

Serenity was the one who bought her the e-bike. “Alright,” Serenity said. “By the way, are the Hunts still looking for trouble with you?”
Liberty asked about her money-hungry relatives. “I wonder what happened to them. Grandmom had probably undergone the surgery by now.”

“They wanted to reconcile the last time they came over but didn’t return after that. They’re probably embarrassed. Besides, that trending
story has been topped by new ones. There’s no trace of it now, so the impact on them is limited. That’s why they won’t come again.”

What Serenity did not know was that Zachary helped her to solve the problem. She thought her money-hungry relatives were too
embarrassed to come looking for her again. Liberty was relieved. In the evening after they had dinner, Liberty urged her sister to go home.

Jasmine did not want to go back to face her mother’s disappointed face, so she followed Serenity to Bryn field and visited Serenity’s apartment.
“Serenity, your apartment is spacious and well-lit. I especially like your balcony. You can sit on the swing, read a book, and enjoy the flowers out here.

How relaxing! If you have a small coffee table in front of the swing, you can drink tea, too. It’ll be even cozier.” Serenity smiled.
“That’s a great suggestion! I’ll buy a small coffee table tomorrow and put it here.” “I bought some of these flowers, and Zachary bought the rest.

I don’t know which florist he went to pick them up from. Their flowers are healthy, beautiful, and huge.” Serenity was truly satisfied with
Zachary’s way of doing things. “Mr. York bought those flowers? They are beautiful. Can you ask him where he bought them?

I want to buy a dozen pots from there and place them on my balcony on the second story at home.” Serenity agreed.
The two girls chatted for a long time, and Jasmine did not leave until after nine o’clock in the evening.

After Jasmine left, Serenity sat down on the sofa and watched Tv. Having lived in this apartment for a while, Serenity had rarely turned on the TV.
Since Serenity did not usually watch shows, she did not know which channel to tune into when she turned on the TV.

She then simply turned it off and scroll through some news, trending stories, and videos on her phone. Time flew by.
When Serenity looked at the clock, it was already eleven at night. Serenity went into her room to take a bath.

When she came out of the bathroom, she heard a knock on the apartment’s door. Did Zachary not bring the key? Or was he drunk again?
Serenity responded and opened the door. Jim was standing at the door, holding Zachary up. Zachary’s face was flushed, and he smelled of alcohol.

At a glance, Serenity knew that Zachary was drunk. “Um… I’m the substitute driver. Your husband is drunk again, so I drove him back.”
Serenity smiled. “It’s you again! Thanks for taking my husband back.”

She stretched out her hand to help Zachary, but Zachary slapped her hand away and pushed Jim aside.

His face was cold as he walked past Serenity. Serenity had a good temper and did not throw a fit. She thanked Jim again before closing
and locking the door. She turned around and saw Zachary sitting on the sofa. His whole body exuded a chill, and he seemed to be angry.

Who pissed him off? Serenity was silent for a moment before she walked over and asked him, “Why did you drink again? How much did you drink?”
“None of your business!”

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