Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 205

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 205 – Serenity agreed. “I’m only reminding you.

Don’t worry too much about finding a job.” Jasmine chimed in, “Look slowly and find a job that suits you.
If you really can’t find one, why don’t you help me and Serenity out at the store? I’ll pay you well.

Or… would you like to start your own business, Liberty?” Liberty watched her son play. She sounded helpless as she said,
“I don’t have that much capital to start my own business, and I don’t know what kind of business I should take up.

It’s hard to do business in brick-and-mortar stores now.” Serenity’s bookstore was right in front of Wiltspoon School,
so their business was steady. If it was in a different location, it might not have survived.

The small shops at the entrance of Wilt spoon School had a high rental, so not everyone could afford them.
It took some connections to rent a shop there. Serenity only managed to rent that place only
because Jasmine’s family helped out.

“Liberty, why don’t I teach you to make some handicrafts? You can start an online business, so you can make money at home
while taking care of Sonny. My online business is doing wonderfully now, and most of the products are preordered.

I have plenty of orders now that I’m kept busy every day.” This month, her online business earned more money than the bookstore.
Even when the bookstore ordered several sets of study materials for students this month, its profit could not match her online business’s.

Serenity felt that she was blessed. Her online business had been there for a few years, and the business had always been steady.
However, it suddenly became popular this month, and the reviews were great. “I also plan to expand the operation of my online business.

I don’t want to limit it to handicrafts and want to learn to make some hair accessories. I fancy those vintage hair accessories.”
Jasmine agreed with Serenity and felt that Serenity’s business idea would work. Liberty smiled bitterly and said, “Seren,
I’m not as creative as you are.

I get a headache when I see the raw materials that you use to make handicrafts. This isn’t something anyone can learn even if they want to.
It requires interest and creativity. Otherwise, the business won’t boom if there are no new products.” Serenity was indisputably creative.

She kept this online business going for several years and was skilled with making handicrafts. If she had a new product idea, she would
spend a long time designing it and making prototypes. She would only succeed after making a few defects.

Serenity had been in this line of business and was aware that what her sister said was true. She sighed and said, ” Well…
Then take your time looking for a job. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one. If you can’t get into a big company, apply for smaller ones.

Although you’ll make less, you’ll probably have less to do compared to a bigger company. She had never worked in the corporate world and opened this bookstore with Jasmine after graduation. The online business started when she was twenty, and it had been five years since then.

Accustomed to freedom, Serenity was reluctant to be restricted in the corporate world. “Seren, is Zachary working today?”
Liberty asked about her brother-in-law. “No, he has two days off every weekend. When I went out this morning, he was still asleep.

He’s probably hanging out with his friends now.” Serenity took out her phone and shot a message to her husband. Serenity: [Mr.
York, where are you now? What are you doing?] After some thought, she quickly sent another message to explain herself.

Serenity: [I’m not checking on you. I’m just asking because my sister asked about you. Zachary did not reply to Serenity’s messages after a long time.
He was still sitting in Beans and Cream. He asked for a cup of black coffee and drank it slowly. He had not finished it after several hours.

Suddenly, he received two messages from Serenity. He read it but did not reply because he did not want to talk to her. Serenity had found herself a new boyfriend anyway. Zachary and Serenity would get a divorce as soon as their agreement expires.

He swore he would do so without the slightest hesitation. “Zachary, who messaged you? Is it your wife?” Josh teased.

Zachary’s face was gloomy as he said coldly, “We’re only husband and wife in name, just so I can return her favor for saving my grandma.
To be honest, I signed an agreement with her. After half a year, we’ll get a divorce due to incompatible personalities.”

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