Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 199

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 199 – Jasmine asked in surprise, “Really?

Bryn field is a high-end neighborhood, but I didn’t expect someone who drives Rolls-Royce would live there. If they’re so rich, why not live in a villa?” “Mr.
York said that perhaps some rich kid went to a nearby school, so the parents bought an apartment for the kid in Bryn field.

That way, it’s more convenient for the kid to travel to school. That family might have countless villas.” Jasmine smiled “True.
Let’s go to the supermarket. By the way, didn’t Grandma May say that she’s coming over?” “Not anymore.”

“Why now?” “The owner of the house disagreed.” Jasmine was speechless. The owner of the house was Zachary, Grandma May’s grandson.
Grandma May wanted to come over for the weekend, but her grandson did not allow it.

What an unfilial child! The two got into Jasmine’s car and left Beans and Cream. Shortly after, Jasmine parked the car in a large shopping mall.
After strolling around the mall, the two of them came out with many bags of goodies. At this time, Serenity missed going to the mall with Zachary.

With him around, he would help her carry the bags no matter how much she bought. After Jasmine put the things into the car, she was gasping for air.
“This is the only time I think of wanting a man to accompany me when I’m out shopping. I didn’t think about the logistics wharf was buying all that stuff.

Now that I’m carrying all the bags, they’re so heavy that my arms are about to break! I regret having bought so much…” Serenity laughed.
No wonder she and Jasmine could become best friends. They had the same thoughts.

Serenity was just thinking about the benefits of going shopping with Zachary, but Jasmine said it first “Hurry up and find a boyfriend,
then!It’ll be easier to go shopping in the future.” Jasmine sat in the driver’s seat and fastened her seat belt while she said,
“Ya think a good boyfriend is easy to find? I want one that suits me.

Someone that I have feelings for. If a boyfriend like that is so easy to find, I wouldn’t have been single all this while and wouldn’t need to
hide from my family because of their constant urging.” “You just haven’t found the one for you yet. There’s no rush. You’re only twenty-five this year.

You’re young and can afford to be single for a couple more years.” “My mom wasn’t so anxious before when you were stills ingle.
Once you got married, my mother started to rush me as if I could never get married. She’s been pushing me since then and
wishing she could arrange a thousand blind dates for mein a day so I would be married off the next day.”

Jasmine could understand where her mother was coming from. Her mother thought Jasmine had better conditions than Serenity,
but Serenity got married before her. Even if Serenity and Zachary got married at first sight, Zachary seemed like a decent man.

On the other hand, Jasmine still did not have a boyfriend, and her blind dates fell through time and again.
That was why Jasmine’s mother was so anxious. Fortunately, Jasmine’s mother stopped urging her to get
married these days. That was because Jasmine was willing to go all out for some peace and quiet.

Serenity giggled. She often saw Jasmine’s mother and knew that Jasmine’s mother was only anxious about Jasmine’s marriage after seeing that she was married. “Your mother is relentless, but that’s normal with mothers.

I want to have a mother to encourage me like this, but I can’t even remember what my mother looks like now…”
Serenity’s parents did not take many photos while they were still alive.

Smartphones were not popular at that time, so the only photos of her parents left behind were a few which were kept by Liberty.
Serenity had to look at the photos every time to remember what her parents looked like. Jasmine comforted her friend while she drove.

“Your parents must be up in heaven, blessing you and Liberty.” Serenity was silent. If her parents were in heaven blessing them both,
the viral incident on Twitter would not have happened. Serenity and her sisters also would not have suffered through such a tough
and pitiful childhood.

Jasmine knew that parents were a heavy topic for her friend, so she quickly changed the subject. It took a while to revive the mood

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