Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 197

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 197 – Serenity did not know that Zachary was having lunch at Grace’s Diner with his
friends, Serenity, Jasmine, and Shawn chatted while they ate and spent quite some time there.

Shawn received a call and had to excuse himself by leaving early, so Serenity said, “Jas and I are done eating.

l’ll get the bill soon.
Shawn, you can go ahead and deal with whatever you need to.

Jas and I will go to the café next door.” Serenity fell in love with Beans and
Cream’s tranquility the last time she accompanied Jasmine on a blind date there.

This street was busy, so surrounding businesses were booming.

The owner of the case was willing to spend money on sound insulation, so when
customers walked into the case, the noise outsidewould be filtered out.

Shawn thought that his cousin drove, so she could take Serenity home later.
He said, “Jas, Serenity, I’ll get going then.” “Go ahead! Drive carefully on the
road,” Jasmine urged her cousin.

“Jas, please send Serenity home later.” Serenity had a car, but she seldom used it
because gas was getting more expensive.
A full tank would cost her hundreds of dollars.

Serenity would not use the car unless necessary.
Managing a home required careful planning.

Although Zachary gave her a considerable sum for household expenses, Serenity
could not squander it.
Jasmine said with a smile, “Yeah, I’ll send Serenity home even if you don’t remind

Hurry up and go do your work.
It’s so sad that you can’t have a peaceful meal on a weekend.”
It was not easy to be the successor of a big company.

Shawn was a little reluctant, but he still had to take his leave.
After Serenity settled the bill, she walked out of the restaurant linking arms with

They walked to the nearby cafe, Beans and Cream.
As soon as Serenity entered the cafe, Zachary’s bodyguards spotted her.
They immediately notified Zachary.

Zachary was not drinking coffee.
He just wanted to sit at his nana’s cafe to calm himself down and forget about
Serenity’s effect on him.

Hearing about Serenity’s arrival from his bodyguard, Zachary’s face turned tense,
cold, and stiff.
At that moment, even Duncan noticed Zachary’s change in mood.
Duncan and Josh exchanged glances.

Duncan said, “Should Josh and I give you some space?” Zachary looked at the
door, only to see Serenity coming in while holding Jasmine’s arm.
However, Shawn was nowhere to be seen.

Although his love rival was gone, Zachary still looked glum and stiff.
After hearing his friend’s question, he said in a low voice, “She doesn’t know you
two.” Duncan and Josh were speechless.

That was true.
Serenity did not know who they were and would not recognize them, so there was
no need for them to avoid her.

Seeing Zachary sitting still, Josh teased, “You’re not going to say hello to her?”
Zachary said indifferently, “She has her circle of friends, and I’m not closewith her
friends, so there’s no need to say hello.” Josh shrugged his shoulders.

After all, Serenity was not his wife.
If Zachary was not bothered to say hello, Josh and Duncan would not go over

The seats Serenity and Jasmine picked were a little far from where Zachary was
Serenity sat with her back facing him, so she did not notice that he was there.
However, he could easily see her every move.

Zachary, who was still angry, was indifferent to his wife coming to the cafe.
He did not greet her, nor did he spare another glance at her, as if she was a total

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