Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 196

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 196 – Duncan would not be happy even if it was just a nominal marriage -that was kept hidden.

Zachary listened to his two friends joking around and kept silent while continuing to eat his meal. Soon, he was full.

“I’m going to my nana’s cafe.
You two can take your time eating here.” Zachary put down his cutlery and wiped the oil stains around his mouth with a tissue before getting up to leave.

“We’re done eating.
Well go with you!” Duncan and Josh also put down their cutlery and went to Beans and Cream next door with Zachary.

The bodyguards had gotten their fill too.
Seeing that their boss was leaving, they silently got up and walked out quietly to protect their boss.
They were afraid of disturbing the boss’s wife.

Serenity was eating with Shawn, who had seen Zachary before, so the bodyguards could not alert Serenity.
Otherwise, Zachary’s identity would be compromised.

Duncan went to pay the bill.
Josh waited for Duncan to settle the bill and walked out with him.

He whispered, “Duncan, don’t you think Zachary is acting weird today? Well,
when he came in, he was still normal.
He didn’t look so cold.” Everyone knew how calm and grim Zachary was, but Zachary would not be so aloof when he was with his friends in private.

“I think his mood changed after he returned from the bathroom.” Josh suddenly stopped in his tracksand turned to go back.
He said, “I’ll go check out what he encountered in the bathroom.” Duncan grabbed and dragged him out before saying funnily.

“Even if he did see something.
it’s already been so long! I doubt it’ll still be there.
Zachary has always been like this.

You’re overthinking it.” Duncan did not think that anyone or anything could affect Zachary’s mood change in an instant.
Zachary was calm in nature and held the same expression even when the sky was falling.

“I didn’t overthink it.
He must’ve seen something that made him so bitter.” Josh was really curious about what Zachary saw in the bathroom.
He whispered again,” Duncan, do you think he might’ve bumped into a couple having s*x in the bathroom and thought it was disgusting? That’s why he was in such a bad mood?” Duncan was speechless.

However, Shawn was nowhere to be seen.
Although his love rival was gone, Zachary still looked glum and stiff.
After hearing his friend’s question, he said in a low voice, “She doesn’t know you two.”
Duncan and Josh were speechless.

That was true.
Serenity did not know who they were and would not recognize them, so there was no need for them to avoid her. Seeing Zachary sitting still, Josh teased, “You’re not going to say hello to her?”

Zachary said indifferently, “She has her circle of friends, and I’m not close with her friends, so there’s no need to say hello.” Josh shrugged his shoulders.
After all, Serenity was not his wife.

If Zachary was not bothered to say hello, Josh and Duncan would not go over either.
The seats Serenity and Jasmine picked were a little far from where Zachary was seated.

Serenity sat with her back facing him, so she did not notice that he was there.
However, he could easily see her every move.

Zachary, who was still angry, was indifferent to his wife coming to the cafe.
He did not greet her, nor did he spare another glance at her, as if she was a total stranger.

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