Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 195

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 195 – Zachary went back to his table with a calm face.

After the dishes were served, he ate quietly without joiningin on his friends* conversation. All he kept thinking about was Serenity smiling and putting food on Shawn’s plate.
“Zachary, you’re acting a little weird today.” Duncan picked up a vegetable with a fork and ate it.

He looked at Zachary, who was sitting across from him, and said, “Why are you so quiet today? You just kept shoving food into your in mouth.” Josh nodded in agreement.
Zachary said blankly, “I’m hungry.” He only ate a breakfast burrito that he did not like in the morning.

It was not filling, and he was famished. of course, Zachary was also in a bad mood.
When he was in a bad mood, he would just eat non-stop.

Zachary thought, ‘So what if she serves Shawn food? I don’t care.
Did she think I’ll get jealous? As he said before, he did not know what jealousy was and would never experience it!

They werejust husband and wife in name and had signed an agreement that they would not interfere with each other’s private affairs.
Serenity needed to find her next husband before their divorce.

As long as she and Shawn did not move in together while she was married to Zachary and did not cheat on him,Zachary would turn a blind eye to it.
Zachary quietly persuaded himself.

However, images of Serenity and Shawn chatting and laughing kept appearing in his mind.
Duncan and Josh knew that Zachary could not stand being nagged by his grandmother and finally married the woman who saved his grandmother.

Hearing Zachary say that he was hungry, Josh teased, “Aren’t you a married man? How can you get hungry? Didn’t your wife prepare a good breakfast
foryou?” When Josh met Zachary in the office and offered to buy breakfast for Zachary, Zachary always showed off to Josh, saying that he was a married man.

Josh even reached out to tug at Zachary’s sleeve, “You’re a married man, so you should wear the clothes your wife bought for you.” Zachary looked indifferent.
He raised his hand to slap Josh’s hand away and said coldly, “She and I are just husband and wife in name.

We’ll occasionally put on an act in front of Nana.” Serenity was busy talking and laughing with Shawn and serving him food.
She did not have time to make breakfast for Zachary and only bought a cheap breakfast burrito for him.

Zachary did not like breakfast burritos to begin with. However, he considered that she bought it for him, so she would feel like her money had gone to waste if he threw it away.
Thus, he forced himself to eat it.

Moreover, Serenity only bought him a suit jacket and a few ties last time. She did not buy him any casualwear. He could not possibly wear a suit at home on weekends, right? Oh, right.

Serenity only gifted him the suit jacket as a token of appreciation for helping her deal with the trending story on Twitter.
She was grateful to him, so the suit was just compensation!

“Tsk! Your act was so good that I almost believed you two were a model couple.

I was even contemplating whether to get married at first sight!” Josh laughed and said, “Duncan, you don’t know how often Zack shows off his marriage at theoffice.
I thought being single was great, but seeing him constantly flaunting his happy married life, I almost went to gethitched myself!” Duncan smiled and said, “Then
you’d better hurry up.

With your conditions, many women would throw themselves at you as soon as you put out the word thatyou’re looking for a wife.” Duncan was different.

He had a good family background as the fourth son of the Lewis family. However, he had a frightening scar on his face.
He did not have a girlfriend because he had not met someone to his liking and women disliked his scarred face.

Duncan was a tall and big man. With a scar on his face, most people thought that he looked too fierce. ULU However, he did not care.
He decided to go with the flow when it came to love and marriage.

Unlike his good friend, Duncan did not want to be forced by his grandmother to marrya woman he had no feelings for.

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