Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 192

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 192 – Zachary said lightly, “Remy’s self-defense isn’t up to par.

The Johnsons, like my family in Wilt spoon, are the richest family in Annenberg. For safety reasons, Remy has no choice but to
bring more bodyguards everywhere he goes. It’s not like you’re not aware of this fact, so why are you making a fuss now?

If you’re envious of Remy’s ostentation, you can also hire eight to ten bodyguards to follow you around.” Josh did not have bodyguards because he
was proficient in martial arts. Moreover, not many people knew of his identity, so it would be too conspicuous for him to go out with bodyguards.

The two were talking about business when the secretary knocked on the door. “Mr.York, this is the coffee you asked for.”
The secretary brought over the freshly brewed coffee and placed it gently in front of Zachary.

After the secretary left, Josh joked with his friend-cum-boss. “You don’t have the energy to work after your little romantic- ‘zvous with your
wife, huh? You should drink two more cups of coffee then.” Zachary’s face was glum. Romantic rendezvous?

Zachary felt that there was some unpleasantness between him and Serenity Serenity came to pick him up for lunch, but he was
not too happy about it. Although Serenity did not say anything or let alone get mad at him,
Zachary had a feeling that she would never come to pick him up at his office again “What’s with the long face?

Did you two quarrel? I thought your wife was good-tempered.” Serenity did not seem like an unreasonable person acharya was silent for a long time and did not tell Josh the reason. Josh was tight lipped, but he was nosy Zachary was afraid that if Josh knew too much,
he would accidentally spill everything when he was drunkHowever,

Zachary wanted to ask Josh for some advice to ease the invisible deadlock between him and Serenity Thus, Zachary said, “I think I hurt her feelings.”
Josh’s eyes lit up. He asked repeatedly, “How did you hurt her feelings? Tell me more about it.” Zachary kicked Josh from under the table Josh felt the
lock and said with a grin.

“You only said half of the story and left me hanging Zachary, I don’t take in students like you.” “You don’t need to low how I hurt her. Just tell me what
should I do?” “Give her a gift Fishery’s for blurred plum Hecke noel bring, himself to do rant things like that “The most direct method is also the most effective one.

All you got to do is jump her and give it to her real good. I guarantee she won’t stay mad at you.” After Josh finished what he had to say, hewas kicked by Zachary again. Josh got up and dragged his chair far away from Zachary so that Zachary could not reach him.

“You’re husband and wife after you get a marriage license. All married couples have sex. Are you two staying abstinent forever?” Zachary frowned.
He did not even allow Serenity to step into his room for fear she would take advantage of him.

Zachary also did not want to go into Serenity’s room for fear of seeing something he should not have seen, like the first night.
“But I guess that’s your usual style. After all, your nana forced you to marry her.

You might even get divorced soon.” Josh knew Zachary well, so he figured that Zachary and Serenity were merely husband and wife on paper and lived
a very dull life. “You’re looking forward to my divorce?” Zachary asked gloomily. He picked up the cup of coffee al…… two sips.

Josh smiled and said, “Why would I look forward to your divorce? That doesn’t do me any good. I just know that with your temperament,
you probably don’t plan to spend the rest of your life with Serenity. You married her for your nana’s sake.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have kept your marriage a secret. “Hiding your marriage is unfair to your wife. She’ll feel aggrieved because of it.
If you don’t care that her feelings are hurt, it means you don’t plan to live with her for the rest of your life.

In this case, it’s actually better for her to keep your marriage a secret for her protection. That way, she won’t be affected and can remarry after you two get divorced.” For some reason, Zachary felt uncomfortable after listening to Josh’s analysis, especially when Josh talked about the possibility of Serenity’s second marriage.

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