Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 187

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 187 – “Mr. York, I’m outside your office. Are you on your lunch break yet?

I’m here to take you to my shop for lunch. Surprise!” Zachary was lost for words. Sure, it was a surprise, but not the good kind.
Thank goodness he was good at staying composed because that was quite a scare.

“Mr. York?” Serenity said as she did not get a response from the man. Tugging on his tie, Zachary replied in a husky voice,
“I’m on my break but the client hasn’t left.We’re still ironing out the business details with the client, so it’ll probably take a while.

Why don’t you go ahead, and I’ll meet you at your shop for lunch?” “How long more do you need? I didn’t drive. I took a cab. It’s okay.
I’ll wait for you outside your office building. We can go back together when you’re done with your work”
Zachary lifted his arm to look at his watch before responding, “There’s a dessert shop right across the office.

Wait for me there. I’ll see you in a bit.” Serenity turned her head and saw the dessert shop. Without a second thought, she took Zachary’s suggestion Once Serenity hung up the call, unconsciously sighed in relief. He was afraid she might barge in ..-.- and that would give his game away…

Since Serenity came for him, Zachary went to the VIP reception and quicklyclosed the deal with the client He then arranged for Josh and the few senior
executives to take the client to have a meal at the Wilt spoon Hotel “Aren’t you coming along, Mr. York?” the client asked.

“Something came up, so I can’t have lunch with you, Mr. Johnson. We’ll have it some other time” The important client today was
none other than Remy Johnson, a member of the wealthiest family in Annenberg FC & Co had subsidiaries in Wilt spoon but
with FC & Co.’s

Wilt spoon branch being sensible enough not to undercut the local tycoon, they had no reason to cross paths with York Corporation
This time, FC & Co.’s Wilt spoon branch undertook a huge project and was looking for a potential partnership with either York
Corporation or Stone Group Both York Corporation and Stone Group were interested in doing business with Remy After a
discussion with the head of the Johnson household, Remy was leaning toward working with York Corporation That
was the start of a business relationship between both giants.

Remy tactfully ended the conversation Josh ushered Rainy to come along Remy’s bodyguards were waiting outside Kenny often traveled with his
security detail whenever he was out and about. It was said that out of his ten siblings, Remy could not fight to save his life.

Hence, he was surrounded by bodyguards when in public. Zachary personally walked Remy and the entourage to the elevator.
Once the group was in the elevator, Zachary returned to his office and took out a pair of binoculars to look down from the window.

With Remy and the rest cruising in a car out of York Corporation, he turned around He whipped out his phone to call his bodyguards to wait for him on
the first floor of the office building A few minutes later, Zachary went down to the first floor. “Sir.” “Go on and have your lunch.

No need to follow me. Just give me the keys to the MPV.” Zachary said as he walked. A bodyguard handed the keys of the MPV over to Zachary, The bodyguards followed behind Zachary when the latter waved them off.

It was a signal to stop following Zachary Since Mr. Zachary was using the N that case, they should not tag, al it could only mean that he would be with the missus.

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