Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 182

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 182 – Sonny snacked on the pastry and played in the shop.

His favorite toy was inthe diaper bag. He could sit there all day and just play with the toy. Jasmine told her best friend,
“Sonny has a good focus. Just look at him playing with the toy.” “That’s just because he’s in a new environment.

He’ll tear the roof of the shop down when he’s familiar with the place. Serenity often looked after Sonny for Liberty, so
| she had firsthand experience of Sonny’s mischievousness. Taking out her tools, Serenity began a rush job crafting and said,

“I gave the maneki-neko to Ms. Stone since she likes my knick knacks. So, I was thinking of making another one for
Zachary because we’re husband and wife, and we live together. He could’ve waited.

“Instead, he got angry at me when he found out I apologized and admitted my mistake. I even soothed him and offered to make
him an extra craft before he was able to let the whole thing go. I’m going to try to get his presents ready today I don’t want to face his stone
face when I get home tonight.

Jasmine told Serenity off, “Ve course he would be angry w omised the maneki neko to him, soit belonged to him. Of gave it to Ms.
Stone without his permission.” “It was my fault, and I apologized to him. He seemed unhappy when he came home last night anyway.

I guessed he had trouble at work.” The truth of the matter was, Zachary was frustrated because Serenity failed to pick up on the fact that he wore the
clothesshe gave him to work Ring, ring, ring…. Serenity’s phone rang. Fishing her phone out of her pocket,
Serenity noted Grandma May on the caller ID She took the call.

“Nana.” “Are you busy, Seren?” “Not too bad. What’s the matter, Nana? I’m all ears. You’re my priority no matter how busy I am.”
Serenity had often met up with Grandma May to chat before she got married. Grandma May barely dropped in on her after the marriage.

The old lady probably did not want to be a third wheel while Serenity and Zachary bonded. This was Zachary’s request.
He said that he would concede to Nana’s demand to marry Serenity, but that was where he drew the line.

Nana was not to interfere in his life after marriage. He needed to be a judge of Serenity’s character to see if she was worth spending the rest of his life with. Grandma May was afraid her eldest grandson might be angry and treat Serenity poorly if she continued to meet with Serenity.

Grandma May had been holding herself back from seeking companionship with Serenity. “Nothing much really. Isn’t tomorrow the weekend?
Business at your shop is slow on the weekends. Are you off during that time? I was thinking of spending the weekend at your place.

Can you ask Zachary if he’s okay with that?” Grandma May was eager to find out if there was progress between the couple. If so, to what extent? Cullum mentioned that Zachary looked like he was jealous sometimes. Grandma May was itching with curiosity. “Nana, you can come anytime you want.

You don’t need our permission. It’s your grandson’s home, so it’s basically your home too.” Serenity got along with Grandma May.
Plus, the house belonged to Zachary. Grandma May was more than welcomed to come over for a break.

The felt her little home with Zachary was too quiet. Sometimes, Serenity felt she was all alone in the house when Zachary did not speak or pay her any attention. She wondered if she could get a couple of pet dogs and cats to care for. That was an idea she planned to discuss with Zachary tonight.

“I should still ask Zack. What if he doesn’t want me to be the third wheel and ruin your alone time together?”
Grandma May knew her grandson towel. He would not like her turning up in case she got something up her sleeve

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