Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 181

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 181 – With Shawn gone, Jasmine expressed her concern.

“Seren, did your sister have another argument with your brother–in–law?” While caressing her nephew’s head, Serenity replied,
“Hank is still at his pare nets’ home He told my sister to return his portion of the living expenses because he wasn’t eating at home
He wants his cut back.”

Jasmine responded after a brief pause, “He’s not much of a keeper, isn’t he?” Serenity fell silent for a moment before answering,
“My sister needs to find stability before she can think about the future.” Jasmine was without a word.

“How was Mrs. Dawson’s party? Did you have chemistry with her son?” “My head is still aching.” Serenity blinked her eyes and burst out laughing.
“Don’t tell me you faked being drunk at the party?” It was all about poise and grace within the higher society.

Jasmine could forget marrying “Well, I didn’t get drunk or go crazy, but I pretended to be intoxicated after consuming lots of wine.
I lay on the floor and pretended to sleep. My aunt frantically dragged me out of there. I think my aunt won’t ever take me to any events now!

Jasmine went all out to get her elders off her back about marrying a rich and powerful guy Although the wives of Wilt spoon’s finest did not attend Mrs. Dawson’s birthday party, those of the rich social class were there. Jasmine’s fake drunkenness and sleep–on the floor stunt was a complete faux pas.

ie threw a drunken fit at Mrs. Dawson’s birthday party. In a circle where gossip spread like wildfire, it did not take long for the whole
community to find out. These wives, who were hung up about status, looked down on Jasmine.

There went Mrs. Lowe and Mrs. Sox’s plans to marry Jasmine up. The Saxes were locals of Wilt spoon and made their money during the property
y boom. Since Jasmine’s parents took over the family business, their assets had doubled, if not tripled.

Nevertheless, in the eyes of the rich and powerful, the Saxes were nouveau riches who only struck a gold mine by luck due to the property boom.
Mrs. Lowe was able to marry into the Lowes due to her prowess and determination to make it through.

She also bore a son, which secured her position as the woman of the house. However, not every woman in the Sox family could be as
lucky as Mrs. Lowe. Judging by Mr. Lowe’s treatment toward Mrs. Lowe, Mrs. Lowe sure wore the pants in the marriage.

Serenity said in disbelief, “You sure risked it all.” “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” It was never Jasmine’s intention to
marry someone rich and powerful. Instead of looking for love, she was waiting for love to come to her. Her family did not need
to rush her into marriage as she would marry when Mr. Right came along.

She could go on hundreds of dates but would not find chemistry with anyone if the time had not come. “I think my mom and aunt will get off my back for a while.” “Your aunt probably wants to dissociate herself from you and pretend she doesn’t know you,” Serenity uttered with a grin.

Flashing back to when silence befell the room, and all eyes were on Jasmine when she prete be drunk and lay on the ground.
Her aunt frantically picked her up and dragged her out of the scene. Jasmine stole a glance at her aunt’s face.

Her face bore so many emotions. She burst out laughing. “Hahaha!” his aunt and Jasmine were giggling. Sonny joined in on the laughter
This made the girls laugh even harder. Guffaws filled the air.

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