Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 180

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 180 – Carrying her nephew, Serenity walked alongside Shawn into the shop.

“Oh, Sonny’s here. Come, Sonny. Give me a hug.” Jasmine got up and took Sonny from Serenity’s arm. She sat down and asked Sonny,
“Do you want some pastries? ”Sonny looked at his aunt. “Give him a piece. Don’t let him have too much or he won’t eat his lunch.”

Serenity took the diaper bag from Shawn and put it under the cash register. “My sister decided to look for a job today.
She asked me to look after Sonny. She’ll come here in the afternoon.” Jasmine gave Sonny a piece of pastry.

Instead of accepting it, Sonny opened his palms and said, “Dirty.” Jasmine put down the food and carried him to the kitchenette to wash his
hands. She believed Liberty had raised Sonny well. As for the claim about Sonny being naughty, that was just kids being kids.

Parents would be worried that something must be wrong with their kid’s head if the child simpl a corner all day like a bump on a log.
Kids had it hard. They woulaid off for being naughty and questioned for their intelligence when they were not.

Jasmine gave the pastry to Sonny after coming out of the kitchenette. Sonny took the pastry and thanked her politely. “Tank you, Jazz.”
“You’re such a good boy.” Jasmine had thoughts about getting married and having an adorable child whenever she saw Sonny
“Liberty finally made the first step.

I told Shawn about it, but Shawn is still learning the ropes. right now, so he can’t get Liberty a job in finance. I asked my uncle,
but he said they’re not hiring at the moment.” Jasmine felt sorry as she brought it up. She could not help Liberty.

Shawn felt bad too. Although he was to take over the company, he was young and still trying to get the hang of things.
Since Shawn was not ready to take the helm, he had no authority to assign people to vital departments and important positions.

Shawn could be of help if it were a non managerial position Serenity replied, “It’s okay I believe my sister will find a job.”
Zachary mentioned that his company’s finance department was not hiring either.

“Liberty used to work in finance She has the experience, so I’m sure she won’t have problems finding work” Jasmine was confident about Liberty returning to the workplace. She trusted that Liberty would be taking her pick of companies instead of the other way round.

Shawn opened her mouth, wanting to say something. However, he held his tongue in the end. “Shawn, you should get to work.
Uncle might deduct your wages if you’re late every day.” Jasmine urged her cousin to leave.

Shawn begrudgingly glanced at his cousin. He had not spoken much to Serenity. “Yeah, Shawn. Hurry to work. Don’t arrive late and leave early.
The whole organization is watching you,” Serenity remarked. The stress of being an heir could be overwhelming.

The family could just drop anyone who failed to pick up the slack and handle the responsibility. Shawn was not the only heir left in the Lowe family.
He had cousins waiting to take his place.

He might be up for the job, but Shawn would face obstacles to succeed his father if he simply did as he pleased. With the girls rushing him to work, Shawn had to take his leave

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