Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 177

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 177 – Serenity pushed Zachary’s money away.

“I didn’t know that you don’t eat food that’s high in saturated fat, but I won’t put it on your plate next time. Put away your money.
Can you stop flashing your cash?

Do you think you’re made of money?” Zachary should dish out several million in cash by the way he was flaunting his money.

She could then count the money and admit that he was made of money. “Why didn’t you say anything when I was cooking the pork?
What’s the point of having a mouth? Well, that’s a waste of one of your five senses if you don’t know how to speak up…”
A wad of notes was placed on her empty plate.

Serenity’s rambling came to a screeching halt. Without giving her a chance to return the money, Zachary turned on his heel and left.
Serenity took a glance at the money on the plate and moved the gaze to the man on the run. The man already had one foot out the door by then.

“Zachary, do I look like a beggar to you?” The door slamming shut was his response. Now that the door was closed, Zachary could no
longer hide the smile on his face.

Back in the house, Serenity picked up the stack of bills on her plate while mumbling, “You must think you’re all that because you’re loaded?

You gave me the money. I didn’t ask for it myself. You can only buy silence ‘e time. Let’s see how long you can keep up with the act.”
ne up to a little over two thousand bucks. Serenity counted the money, and “Tch. Over two thousand bucks.

I dare you to throw me a sack of cash!” Serenity chewed Zachary out. Zachary’s hush money was rather insulting. Of course, she was happy to accept it if he enjoyed paying her in exchange for her silence. Putting the money in her pocket, Serenity went into the kitchen to wash the dish
and tidied up the countertop.

She packed some groceries separately to bring to the shop for lunch before setting off to work. She had just left the house when she received a call from her sister. “Liberty.” Serenity would always take her sister’s call right away in case something terrible might have happened to Liberty.

“Seren, are you at work yet?” “I just left the house. I’m walking down the stairs. What’s up?” “I fed Sonny. Can you come over to take
Sonny to your shop? I’m going to start looking for a job today.” The bruises on Liberty’s face had gone down.

After a talk with her sister, Liberty decided to find a job today and get on a healthy diet too. Alright. I’ll be right over. Pack Sonny’s bag with toys, formula, and a few pants.” Sonny was only two years old and could barely speak. He was not putty trained yet and often peed his pants, so a few extra pairs of pants was needed.

“I got everything ready.” “It won’t take me long.” Since Serenity was bringing along her nephew, she drove her four-wheeled vehicle to work.
She needed to get a child car seat installed on the backseat for Sonny’s safety. Serenity turned back to her house to grab the car keys.

After much thought, she went into the kitchen and took some vegetables out of the fridge. She could prepare soft-cooked vegetables
for Sonny later at the shop. Sonny could have his formula milk before his nap. The little man must have his bottle before sleep.

Otherwise, he would stay awake and fuss. He was not ready to wean off the bottle. It did not take Serenity long to arrive at her sister’s neighborhood

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