Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 176

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 176 – Now things were starting to get interesting Serenity had no idea that her man
nipped another one of her headaches in the bud in those mere minutes.

After the spaghetti was cooked to al dente, Serenity plated it together with the tomato sauce base. She also sprinkled diced
pork belly and basil on top, but only a dash of chili powder on her plate. It was only a quick sprinkle as Serenity was worried
it might be too spicy than she could take.

Statistics showed that Wiltspoonians were not fond of the extra pow in their meals. “Mr. York, breakfast’s ready.” Serenity carried her
plate out of the kitchen while beckoning Zachary, who was on the swing. to the dinner table.

Zachary was without a word, but he left the balcony. Seeing that his breakfast was not served on the dining table, he quietly went i
nto the kitchen. and brought out his share. “You can add as much chili powder as you like.

My sister loves hot spices, so she put together a bunch of hot flavors to make her own.” The sisters had rat her different palettes despite sharing the same mother. Serenity would usually add a pinch of chili powder to her pasta dish, but most of the time, she would hold off the hot spices.

Her sister loved a lot of heat in her food. She would pour copious amounts of chili powder into her cooking whether it complemented
the cuisine or not Liberty had a few potted plants on her balcony, but instead of flowers, she opted f or peppers around the
world that could adapt to Wiltspoon’s seasons.

“I don’t like anything greasy or Serenity lifted her chin and smu. Zachary “Oh, you can’t eat greasy and spicy food, huh? Maybe I should add fats and chili powder in the food for you to try Zachary was speechless. He let slip his teeny weeny weaknesses.

Serenity found Zachary a bore as the latter solemnly ate the food with a straight face She could lose her appetite by having meals with him.
Pulling out her phone, Serenity scrolled on the news while enjoying her break fast Serenity was then able to finish her breakfast
quickly and licked her plate clean.

She put away her phone and got up to bring her dirty dish to the kitchen. As she got on her feet, she noticed the spaghetti and the
sauce were polished off the man’s plate. However, the pork belly bits and basil were piled up in a corner of the plate.

Given that Zachary worked a lot, Serenity added more pork to his plate lest he was starving To her surprise, he did not even touch it!
He skipped on the basil too “Zachary,” Serenity slammed the table to get his attention. Her eyes shifted to his plate when Zachary looked at her.

She asked, “Why didn’t you eat the pork?” Zachary did not make a sound. The heir of the York’s never ate more than a handful of pork
belly in his lifetime The saturated fats and grease were more than he could take “I can overlook the basil because not many are keen
on the taste, but don’t waste the meat.

The p Still keeping to himself, Zachary got up and walked off with his plate in hand. With Zachary walking away from the conversation,
Serenity whined, “I would h the meat myself had I known. He has no stomach for what I do for him.

Zachary threw his leftovers into the bin and washed his dish before leaving the still at the dinner table, he took out his wallet and
retrieved a hundred dollar bi “What’s this for?” “I wasted the food you bought, so I’m paying you back for it Quit grumbling like
was true that he had no stomach for what she did for him

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