Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 172

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 172 – Furthermore, Zachary was only thirty years old.

How did that make him old? Serenity mentioned more than once that he was a middle aged man. Zachary had his power of
meditation to thank as Serenity‘s words could have stung him to the point of blowing his cover.

“My boss isn‘t old. He‘s not a middle– aged man!” Pulling himself together, Zachary defended himself. Serenity looked at him.
“I thought you never met your boss. How do you know he isn’t a middle–aged man?
Do you think someone young can run a huge company like York Corporation?

Although the business world is not my thing, I know what a big deal York Corporation is in Wilt spoon. York Corporation is neck to neck
with that something & Co. in Annenberg.” Zachary replied after what seemed like an imaginary eyeroll, “FC & Co.”

Like York Corporation, FC & Co. of Annenberg was a giant in its respective city. Behind FC & Co. was the multi billionaire Johnson family.
The present CEO, Ben Young Johnson was a year younger than Zachary. FC & Co. had subsidiaries in Wilt spoon but had no conflict in
business with York Corporation. That was why the two giants were able to get along so far.

“I don‘t know what‘s the name, but I can tell you it‘s one hell of a corporation. Do you think your boss gets a handle on his senior executives if he‘s young? Is he able to run the company resolutely as the CEO?” With Zachary nodding, she added.
“So, he must be old. Otherwise, he won‘t have the experience and assertiveness to override his senior executives.”

Zachary was speechless. While Serenity had a point, Zachary was not that old. Of course, he would own up to it if a thirty–year–old man
was considered old. “Ms. Stone and I hit it off. She was brave to go after true love. Mr. York is sing le anyway.

I stand behind her on her quest for true love unless Mr. York suddenly gets married or has a girlfriend. Ms. Stone said she‘ll give up if
Mr. York is taken. She has her pride and refuses to be the other woman. “I think Ms. Stone carries all the positive values.

She won‘t get in the way of other people‘s marriage or relationship in the name of finding true love.” Hearing that, Zachary‘s dark eyes lit up.
He could disclose to Elisa that he was married, but he would withhold information on his wife‘s identity.

Elisa might not be malicious in nature, but Zachary was uncertain whether Elisa would Serenity remained his wife so long as they had not
signed the divorce papers. “Yes, she did.” “My boss is sick of Ms. Stone‘s harassment. I can convey Ms. Stone‘s state me haste to get rid of her.”

Serenity laughed. “Zachary, from what you know about your boss, do you think a girlfriend. Who is he going to marry? Of course,
he could put the word out if are willing to walk down the aisle for him. Is he happy to marry someone he do Zachary murmured in his mind,
‘I married a woman who doesn‘t have feelings

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